Once Critical And Weak After Being Trapped In A Mud Puddle, Baby Sumatran Elephants Are Now Getting Better
Veterinarians put intravenous fluids and treat wounds to the baby elephant's body (Photo: ANTARA)

JAKARTA - The Aceh Natural Resources Conservation Agency (BKSDA) stated that the baby Sumatran elephant (elephas maximus sumatranus) which was evacuated after being trapped in a mud puddle in Tiro District, Pidie Regency, is starting to improve.

Head of the Aceh BKSDA, Agus Arianto, said that the baby elephant is still being treated at the Elephant Conservation Center (PKG) in Saree, Aceh Besar District.

"The baby elephant is still being treated intensively. Before being in a critical and weak condition, the baby elephant is now slowly getting energized. Although it cannot be said that it has recovered properly, its health condition is slowly improving," said Agus Arianto in Banda Aceh as quoted by Antara, Friday, February 26.

Agus Arianto said that when he was being evacuated from a mud puddle, the baby elephant's foreleg was dislocated. Meanwhile, the hind legs are paralyzed. Likewise with the left eye experiencing interference.

"The dislocated left leg is being treated, although it has not been repositioned. Meanwhile, the two paralyzed legs have started to move," said Agus Arianto.

He said the medical team continues to work on recovering the baby elephant, so that it can be released back into its habitat. There must be optimism, even though it takes time to recover the protected baby animals. "The possibility of releasing the baby elephant still exists. However, now the medical team is focusing on restoring the baby elephant's physical condition," Agus Arianto said.

Previously, BKSDA Aceh worked with partners to evacuate an individual Sumatran elephant that was trapped in a mud puddle in Tiro District, Pidie Regency.

Head of BKSDA Aceh Agus Arianto said the evacuation was carried out after the community removed the baby elephant from the mud puddle in Panton Bunot Village.

"The baby elephant is thought to have been trapped in a mud puddle for days. Then, the community managed to remove it in the puddle and then informed us," said Agus Arianto.

From this information, said Agus Arianto, BKSDA sent a team consisting of veterinarians, the Center for Wildlife Studies, Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Syiah Kuala University, Banda Aceh, and the Saree Elephant Conservation Center (PKG), Aceh Besar.

"The baby elephant's condition when handling the team is very weak and critical. The baby elephant is female, estimated to be about three weeks old and weighing approximately 85 kilograms," said Agus Arianto.

Furthermore, said Agus Arianto, the baby elephant was evacuated to PKG Saree for further medical treatment. Because, based on the initial examiners of the medical team, the baby elephant's condition was weak and critical.

From the results of further examinations including X-rays, said Agus Arianto, it was found that the baby elephant's left front leg was dislocated. While the two hind legs experience paralysis or paralysis, so the baby elephant cannot stand.

"We also express our gratitude to the Camat Tiro and the people of Panton Bunot and other related parties who have saved the Sumatran elephant," said Agus Arianto.

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