RM Cafe's Strategy For Prokes Violators Uncovered, Deputy Governor Riza: Those Who Are Naughty Must Have Heavy Sanctions
DKI Deputy Governor Ahmad Riza Patria (Diah Ayu / VOI)

JAKARTA - The location of the action by Bripka CS police officers shot four people, RM Cafe, which was finally closed permanently for violating the Jakarta PSBB. From that case, it was revealed that RM Cafe was operating outside the specified time limit.

Deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta Ahmad Riza Patria admitted that RM Cafe had tricked officers by operating quietly. He said, this kind of wayward place of business could not be given light sanctions.

"There are cafes that try to eliminate, those who are naughty like this must be sanctioned. If those who do, the sanctions must be heavier," said Riza at the City Hall of DKI, Central Jakarta, Friday, February 26.

Riza admitted that the Jakarta Satpol PP personnel who oversee the enforcement of health protocols have limitations in the number of personnel and personnel. So, they are missed when there is a business that operates quietly outside the rules.

"To check, of course we have limited apparatus. For that, we ask for support from the community. You just need to use WhatsApp or SMS, you want to go directly to the Governor, Deputy Governor, to the police, mayor, Satpol PP, anyone. To the public, you can also go to the public. photographed. Later we will act, "said Riza.

Previously, Head of Satpol PP DKI Arifin suspected that there were indications of fraud by the management of RM Cafe, Cengkareng. This is because they operated outside the time limit set during the PPKM period but were not caught.

This violation was discovered after a shooting incident by a police officer. This shooting killed three people, one of which was a member of the Indonesian Army.

Arifin suspected that in its operation, RM Cafe closed its business according to the deadline, which was 21.00 WIB. However, it is suspected that RM Cafe re-opened its business two hours later, at 23.00 WIB.

"So by tricking. At 9 pm closed, there was no activity, but at 11 then he reopened," said Arifin.

Then, customers who enter the RM Cafe do not pass through the main door, but rather the side door or the back door. So, from the outside the RM Cafe looks like it's closed.

In addition, parking the vehicle is directed not to park inside the building. RM Cafe security guards direct customers to park their vehicles a little away from the location where they operate.

"Those are methods that we have often found. They tried to violate them until midnight, even in the early hours of these methods to trick the authorities. So, from the outside, they can't be seen but inside there is activity," said Arifin.

Finally, West Jakarta Satpol PP permanently closed RM Cafe Cengkareng for repeated violations of its operational and health protocols during the PSBB, Friday, February 26 this morning.

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