PSI Judged To Seek The Stage From The Jakarta Flood, DPRD Leaders Refuse To Support Anies' Interpellation
Jakarta floods (Photo: VOI Team)

JAKARTA - The proposal from the Jakarta DPRD PSI faction to conduct an interpellation with Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan regarding the flood problem was rejected out of hand.

This rejection was because PSI's proposal was considered far-fetched. Then the proposal thrown by the party led by Giring Ganesha was also not objective.

"I don't think the council has given us support because we are more mature, more objective," said DKI Deputy Chairman Mohamad Taufik when contacted, Friday, February 26.

In the DKI Regional Regulation Number 1 of 2014 concerning the Rules of Procedure for the DKI DPRD, the right of interpellation is proposed to the DPRD leadership. The condition is that interpellation is proposed by at least 15 DPRD members and more than one faction.

The form of the right of interpellation this time is a plenary meeting with the agenda of questioning the Governor of DKI Jakarta Anies Baswedan about the floods in DKI.

However, according to Taufik, PSI will not be able to attract other parties to propose interpellation. So, it is possible that this proposal will be dropped because PSI seems to be looking for a stage.

"The interpellation has a condition, namely the support of 15 people. I think the council friends are more mature in assessing something because the proposal is looking for a stage," said Taufik.

Previously, Deputy Chairperson of the PSI DPRD DKI Fraction Justin Untayana said that his party had submitted the right to interpellation regarding the Jakarta floods to the DPRD leadership. If it happens, Anies must explain the causes of the flooding problem that occurred.

"We take this interpellation as the last constitutional way. This is PSI's moral and political responsibility towards the citizens of Jakarta, especially those who were harmed by the floods due to the failure and lack of seriousness of Governor Anies in managing flood management, ”said Justin.

Justin admitted that he had "lobbied" other party factions to plan an interpellation meeting. He is confident that a number of factions they spoke to also agree with the agenda. "We are sure other parties also admit that the governor's handling of floods is still not optimal," said Justin.

"For parties that have similar views, we hope this can be a strong joint movement in the DPRD. We ask for a clear explanation from the Governor. We have launched this right of interpellation for the sake of humanity and social justice for all Jakarta citizens," he continued.

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