Foreigners Shake Riders, Dancing On The Streets Of Sanur Bali
Illustration / UNSPLASH

DENPASAR - Video of foreign women dancing on the streets of Sanur, Bali makes motorists surprised. This foreigner waving his hands to motorists on the side of the road.

The head of the Satpol PP for Denpasar City, I Dewa Gede Anom Sayog, said that the officer checked the location after knowing that this incident had gone viral on social media.

"So as soon as I got this information, I have deployed my entire ranks to track and monitor the intended location," Sayoga told reporters, Friday, January 26.

From the information of the residents, the female foreigner had appeared twice. Previously, this foreigner was seen on Jalan Danau Beratan, Denpasar.

"So according to the information of the people around and the testimony of a Sanur community, (foreigners) appeared twice around Sanur," said Sayoga.

"From the information of the residents, it seems that the guest was (allegedly) stressed. But for the place to stay, the stay is not known, "he added.

Officers are still tracking the whereabouts of this female foreigner. Because at the location recorded by the residents, the foreigner was nowhere to be seen.

"Until now, we have not found the person concerned, especially since I cannot obtain his identity," he said.

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