Sri Mulyani's Version Of Isa, The 'Most Richest' Person In Indonesia, Only Has Assets Of Rp.9.6 Billion
Director General of State Assets at the Ministry of Finance Isa Rachmatarwata. (Photo: By courtesy)

JAKARTA - Minister of Finance Sri Mulyani some time ago said that the richest person in Indonesia is Isa Rachmatarwata. Because, in his hands, the existence of assets worth more than Rp.10,000 trillion is controlled.

These assets refer to the value of the assets of the Indonesian government which is the duty and responsibility of Isa as the Director General of State Assets at the Ministry of Finance.

Sri Mulyani made this joke when giving briefings to prospective civil servants (PNS) within the Ministry of Finance.

In fact, Isa is a career bureaucrat who is considered by the Corruption Supervisory Commission (KPK) to have reasonable wealth. This was proven by Isa by providing periodic asset reports to the anti-Rasuah agency.

Finally, Isa conveyed information about all of his personal assets to the KPK on March 16, 2020. At that time, he revealed that he had a wealth of Rp9.6 billion.

The assets consisted of land and buildings in South Tangerang worth Rp. 910 million, two motorized vehicles of Rp. 350 million, and other movable assets of Rp. 185 million.

Furthermore, he also reported that he had securities of IDR 110 million, cash and cash equivalents of IDR 7.05 billion, and other assets of IDR 1.22 billion.

In this attachment, Isa also includes an obligation to a third party in the form of a debt of Rp.215.9 million.

"This announcement was announced with complete notes based on the verification results on April 13, 2020," said the KPK in a written statement as quoted by VOI, Friday, February 26.

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