Arab Group Condemns UN DK Slow To Take Action Regarding Gaza
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JAKARTA - The group of Arab countries in New York on Monday, February 19, urged the UN Security Council to take immediate action against the situation in the Gaza Strip. "Unfortunately, the UN Security Council is still slow, unable to condemn the atrocities committed by the occupational authorities every day. The Security Council must take immediate action," said a group belonging to the coalition of Arab countries promoting common interests at the United Nations, in a statement quoted by Anadolu via Antara, Tuesday, February 20. "They cannot ignore the demands of the international community and global public opinion, all of which demanded a ceasefire. There is no reason to justify the Security Council's weaknesses, and all efforts must be made to stop the ongoing massacres in Gaza," they added. The statement was issued a day before the UN DK vote on a draft resolution submitted by Algeria calling for an "immediate ceasefire for humanitarian reasons that all parties must respect." The group said that the draft resolution was in line with the broader priorities of the international community. "We firmly support the draft resolution proposed by Algeria and urge all members of the Security Council to vote to support it," the statement said. Israel launched a deadly attack on the Gaza Strip following an attack from the Palestinian Hamas group on October 7. The Israeli bombings killed 29,092 people and injured about 69,028 others along with mass destruction and scarcity of basic necessities. The Israeli war in Gaza has forced 85 percent of the population of the region to become refugees amid the acute scarcity of food, clean water and medicines, while 60 percent of the bag's regional infrastructure has been damaged or destroyed. Israel is accused of committing genocide at the International Court. A provisional decision in January ordered Tel Aviv to stop genocide and take action to ensure the distribution of humanitarian aid to civilians in Gaza.

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