DPR Members Said 2 Police Personnel Selling Weapons To The Papuan KKB As Traitors To The State, Asking Commander To Be Not Careless
ILLUSTRATION / TNI soldiers and police personnel in Papua (DOK. ANTARA)

JAKARTA - Member of Commission I House of Representatives of Republic of Indonesia (DPR RI) Maj. Gen. TNI (Purn) TB Hasanuddin regretted the sale and purchase of firearms and ammunition to separatist groups such as the Armed Criminal Group (KKB) in Papua.

He considered that the case was a form of betrayal against the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia (NKRI). Moreover, the sale and purchase of senpi (gun) were carried out by elements of the TNI-Police.

"Selling weapons to armed gangs who are in fact opposed to the government or separatists is treason against the state and deserves the maximum punishment", Hasanuddin told reporters, Wednesday, February 24.

According to him, this case of selling firearms should be a lesson for officers and commanders so they are not careless in supervising their subordinates.

Moreover, the TNI and Polri have a very complete supervisory organizational structure, even the officers and commanders are direct supervisors.


Hasanuddin also urged the government to eliminate the illicit arms trade. One of them is by supervising and closely guarding the entrances to Indonesia, especially at the border.

"Apart from maintaining tight borders, there must also be a strict supervision of old post-conflict weapons. For example, after the conflicts in Aceh or Ambon, weapons that were handed over to security officers must also be inventoried to prevent security officers from being trafficked", said the politician PDI Perjuangan Party.

It is known that the Indonesian National Police revealed a case of alleged buying and selling of firearms to the KKB in Papua which involved TNI and police officers.

Two unscrupulous members of the Ambon Island Police and the Lease Island Police were arrested for allegedly selling firearms and illegal ammunition to the Papua Armed Criminal Group (KKB).

The police have detained six suspects each with the initials SN, RM, HN, and AT who are civilians plus two police officers with the initials SHP aka S and MRA, while Praka MS was detained by Pomda XVI / Pattimura.

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