Stafsus Edhy Parbowo Received 26 Thousand Singapore Dollars
Edhy Prabowo (BETWEEN)

JAKARTA - Edhy Prabowo's special staff, Safri Muis admitted that he received 26 thousand Singapore dollars. The money was given by the defendant in the alleged bribery case for the export license of fry who is also the boss of PT DPPP, Suharjito.

This confession was conveyed when the prosecutor mentioned the meeting between Safri and Suharjito. Safri confirmed that there was a meeting with the boss of PT DPPP, Suharjito at his office.

Safri said there was no conversation with Suharjito. Because Suharjito immediately gave him money.

"He gave me money, sir," said Safri during a trial at the Corruption Court, Central Jakarta, Wednesday, February 24.

"How many?" asked the prosecutor.

"If I'm not mistaken, SGD 26 thousand," answered Safri.

Regarding to whom the money was deposited, Safri admitted in court that he did not know anything. However, he thinks that this money is being entrusted with the export business of Suharjito's fries.

"I thought he gave me because the lobster business was running smoothly, and just gave me (money)," said Safri.

In this case, the Director of PT Dua Putera Perkasa Pratama (PT DPP), Suharjito, was charged with bribing the former Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) Edhy Prabowo in the amount of IDR 2.1 billion. The bribe is related to the export license for lobster or fry.

"Defendant Suharjito has committed several acts that have such a relationship that it must be seen as a continuing act, namely giving or promising something, namely giving something in the form of a total of USD 103 thousand and Rp 706,055,440 to Civil Servants or State Administrators, namely to Edhy Prabowo as Minister. Maritime Affairs and Fisheries of the Republic of Indonesia (KP-RI Minister), "said KPK prosecutor Siswandono in a trial at the Corruption Court, Jakarta, Thursday, February 11.

The amount of bribes amounting to Rp2.1 billion represents the accumulated money given. This is because, if converted to rupiah, 103 thousand United States (US) dollars are worth Rp. 1,441,799,150 or around Rp1.4 billion.

The indictment also states that Suharjito gave bribes to Edhy Prabowo through the special staff of the Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Safri and Andrau Misanta Pribadi. In addition, the name of Edhy's Personal Secretary, Amiril Mukminin, and Ainul Faqih as the personal staff of Edhy Prabowo's wife, namely, Iis Rosita Dewi, were also written.

Suharjito was charged with Article 5 paragraph (1) letter a or Article 13 of the Corruption Eradication Law in conjunction with Article 64 paragraph (1) of the Criminal Code.

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