Prabowo Subianto Topped A Number Of 2024 Presidential Candidate Surveys
Prabowo Subianto (Photo: Irfan Meidianto / VOI)

JAKARTA - The electability of Prabowo Subianto has topped the results of several survey institutions. This time, Gerindra Party Chairman Prabowo Subianto also occupies the top position based on the Y-Publica survey.

In the results of this survey, after Prabowo Subianto, there is Ridwan Kamil. The electability of the Governor of West Java has overtaken Ganjar Pranowo's electability.

"Prabowo is still the top presidential candidate, but a new threat has emerged from Kang Emil, who is advancing his electability", said Y-Publica Executive Director Rudi Hartono in a written statement, in Jakarta, reported by Antara, Wednesday, February 24.

Meanwhile, Anies Baswedan is at Sandiaga Uno's position and the rise of Erick Thohir and Tri Rismaharini.

He explained that the survey was conducted in March 2020, Prabowo was far ahead with 23.7 percent, dropping to 17.3 percent in July 2020 and 16.5 percent in October 2020, then now it has increased slightly to 17.1 percent.

Ridwan Kamil, from only 4.9 percent (March 2020), jumped to 12.1 percent (July 2020) and 11.8 percent (October 2020), now advancing to 16.7 percent.

While Ganjar from 8.0 percent (March 2020), shot up to 15.2 percent (July 2020) and 16.1 percent (October 2020), is now stable at 16.3 percent.

Anies from 14.7 percent (March 2020) fell to 9.7 percent (July 2020) and 8.6 percent (October 2020), and now only 7.4 percent are left.

Sandi, which also from 10.3 percent (March 2020) to 8.5 percent (July 2020) and 8.1 percent (October 2020), has now become 7.9 percent, slightly ahead of Anies.

According to Rudi, Prabowo's position has remained superior for the past year, even though the 2019 presidential election has long ended.

The challenge for Prabowo lies in two figures with a regional head background from a very densely populated province, namely West Java and Central Java.

"It's like, if the figures of Ridwan Kamil and Ganjar are combined, it could be that Prabowo will find it difficult to win if he intends to compete again in the 2024 presidential election", said Rudi.

On the other hand, two figures who are relatively close to Prabowo, namely Sandi, the former vice presidential candidate, and Anies who were also predicted, have continued to decline to the middle of the board.

"New figures emerged, namely Risma and Erick, both of whom are now ministers", said Rudi.

Previously, Risma's electability was stagnant at around 3 percent, now moving up to 4.7 percent. Likewise, with Erick, it has increased since July 2020 with current electability of 3.6 percent.

With this increase, Risma and Erick also replaced Khofifah Indar Parawansa (3.2 percent) and Agus Harimurti Yudhoyono (2.3 percent).

"Khofifah and AHY were also overshadowed by the presidential candidate who was carried by the Indonesian Solidarity Party (PSI), Giring Ganesha (2.0 percent)", said Rudi.

On the lower board, there are names such as Mahfud MD (1.6 percent), Puan Maharani (1.3 percent), Susi Pudjiastuti (1.1 percent), Airlangga Hartarto (1.0 percent), and Moeldoko (1, 0 percent). Others are still below 1 percent, and the rest don't know/don't answer (11.5 percent).

The Y-Publica survey was conducted on 5-15 February 2021 with 1.200 people representing all provinces in Indonesia.

The survey was conducted by telephone to respondents who were randomly selected from the previous survey since 2018. Margin of error is around 2.89 percent, confidence level is 95 percent.






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