247 Thousands Of Persons With Disabilities Still Unemployed, Ida Fauziyah: Many Don't Dare To Work
The Indonesian Minister of Manpower, Ida Fauziyah. (Photo: Doc. Of the Ministry of Manpower)

JAKARTA - The Ministry of Manpower noted that the number of open unemployed persons with disabilities in Indonesia is still very high. It even reached 247,000 people with an Open Unemployment Rate (TPT) of 3 percent.

Minister of Manpower Ida Fauziyah said that currently there are 7.6 million people with disabilities working. However, if you look at the working age figures for people with disabilities, the labor force participation rate (TPAK) for people with disabilities is still relatively small.

"BPS in February 2020 recorded the working age of persons with disabilities as much as 17.7 million, while those who entered the world of work were 7.8 million people. This means that the TPAK for persons with disabilities is only 44 percent. Far below the national TPAK of 69 percent," he said in the event. 'Interactive Employment Inclusive Dialogue with the Minister of Manpower', Wednesday, 24 February.

According to Ida, these figures show that many people with disabilities have already resigned and do not dare to enter the labor market.

Ida said this was influenced by the limited availability of employment opportunities, discrimination, and the possibility of stigma against persons with disabilities in the world of work.

Furthermore, Ida explained, currently there are more job opportunities for persons with disabilities in the service and retail sectors than in the industrial sector.

"The low participation in the industrial sector is influenced by problems such as unavailability of access in the workplace, there are social disparities, and what is not less is due to non-inclusive educational training," he said.

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