5 Santriwati In Pamekasan Killed By A Landslide Cliff
Landslides in Pamekasan (IST)

PAMEKASAN - A cliff suddenly landslides in Jepun Hamlet, Bindang Village, Pasean District, Pamekasan Regency, Madura, East Java. A cliff fell on the Annidhamiyah Islamic Boarding School (Ponpes) and killed five students.

"Yes, it is true, it happened at around 01.00 WIB this morning," said Chief of Pamekasan Police, AKBP Apip Ginanjar confirmed, Wednesday, February 24.

Prior to the incident, heavy rain flushed the local area at around 01.00 WIB. An hour later, the rain that never stopped causing a landslide cliff and hit the santriwati's room at the Annidhamiyah Islamic Boarding School.

"There are two rooms covered by landslides, indeed behind the hut is a cliff," he said.

As a result, said Apip, seven santriwati were victims of the landslide, namely five of them died, one santriwati was seriously injured, and one person survived. Apip said, the unfortunate incident occurred when the santriwati disappeared asleep.

"But the Pamekasan Police managed to evacuate (the three buried ones) around 06.30 WIB. So the total number of victims was seven. One survived, one broke his leg and five died," he explained.

The five victims who died have been taken to their respective funeral homes. Three of them were in Jember, one victim in Sumenep and one body were taken to Sampang.

Apip emphasized that there were no signs of cracks on the cliffs before the landslide tragedy. He called this event the first landslide incident in the hamlet. "Landslides have never occurred at a crime scene. This is the first time in the area. This place is adjacent to Sumenep, at the very end," he said.

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