Immediately Leading Makassar, Danny Pomanto Gathering With Governor Nurdin Abdullah
Governor of South Sulawesi Nurdin Abdullah with Danny Pomanto and Fatmawati Rusdi (DOK. Public Relations of South Sulawesi Provincial Government)

MAKASSAR - The Governor of South Sulawesi (Sulsel) Nurdin Abdullah received a visit from the elected Mayor of Makassar Moh Ramdhan Pomanto (Danny Pomanto) and Fatmawati Rusdi.

"I thank the Governor for accepting both of us and permission to report himself," said Danny Pomanto, Wednesday, February 24.

Danny Pomanto and Fatmawati Rusdi also asked for permission and support from the Governor. Danny Pomanto, who will be appointed mayor of Makassar on February 26, said he would create a program to strengthen the handling of COVID-19.

"I think Pak Gub is not new to each other. I have known each other for a long time. So I don't think it's too difficult to realize. Moreover, there is a female figure. So we are complete," said Danny Pomanto.

After having a dialogue, Nurdin Abdullah invited DP-Fatma to inspect several renovated rooms in the office located on Jalan Urip Sumiharjo, Makassar. They toured the governor's office and the service room of existing government agencies such as the KPK. As well as a hotel standard rest room (toilet).

Danny Pomanto said the building concept in the South Sulawesi governor's office could also be applied at the Makassar City Hall with the aim of providing comfortable services for guests and the community.

"So that everything can be matched during the trip, both of us are on duty. I think it is like that, meaning that the governor explained about the governor's office. I consider it an order to the mayor to improve himself and improve the space as well," said Danny Pomanto.

Meanwhile, the deputy mayor of Makassar elected Fatmawati Rusdi appreciated the direction from the Governor, "We need direction from the Governor, we need direction from the Province," he said.

Governor Nurdin Abdullah assessed that this meeting meant that the relationship between the governor and the elected mayor had remained harmonious.

"I think today we should be grateful that this has been answered to the public. That the governor and the elected mayor have no problem," he said.

Governor of South Sulawesi Nurdin Abdullah with Danny Pomanto and Fatmawati Rusdi (DOK. Public Relations of South Sulawesi Provincial Government)

Nurdin Abdullah said Danny Pomanto had contributed a lot in South Sulawesi, designing development in South Sulawesi and other districts / cities.

Danny Pomanto hopes and trusts him to build Makassar City.

"I entrust Makassar. Because Makassar is the storefront for South Sulawesi and even East Indonesia. The provincial government is ready to work together, of course it is our responsibility with the city of Makassar," he added.

Nurdin said that the Provincial and Municipal Governments will build a strong team work to continue to accelerate development in Makassar City.

This initial meeting is a sign of good collaboration going forward. As well as the right moment to meet before the inauguration.

"We talk from heart to heart. What we can support, of course, we also have to hear from the elected mayor and from the vice mayor's mother," he said.

Not to be missed, Nurdin praised Fatmawati as Danny Pomanto's companion. With the experience they have, it becomes a good leadership combination.

"The deputy mayor also has extraordinary experiences. I think this is a very good combination," he concluded.

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