A Russian Interpol Fugitive Who Escaped With His Girlfriend Was Arrested At The Seminyak Villa Bali
A joint team from the Regional Police and the Bali Immigration Office to arrest Russian Interpol fugitive Andrei Kovalenka alias Andrew Ayer (33) and his lover Ekaterina (Dafi VOI)

BADUNG - The joint team of the Bali Police and the Bali Immigration Office arrested Russian Interpol fugitive Andrei Kovalenko alias Andrew Ayer (33) and his lover Ekaterina Trubkina (34).

Both were arrested after being declared fugitives for 12 days. The arrests were made at a villa in the Seminyak area, Kuta District, Bali, Wednesday, February 24 early in the morning.

"After being arrested in a villa in the Seminyak area, he is currently being held in the Ngurah Rai Detention room", said Bali Immigration Division Head Eko Budianto of the Bali Ministry of Law and Human Rights.

But Eko did not explain the details of the chronology of Andrew's escape from the Ngurah Rai Immigration office. Andrew is an Interpol fugitive because of drug cases in his country.

Meanwhile, in Bali, Andrew was also convicted of the same case. Andrew was imprisoned in Kerobokan Prison for 18 months.

"So, the People Search List's (DPO) red notice is related to Russia, not in Indonesia, because (the case in) Indonesia has been resolved. But the case is the same, namely drugs, we got information from Interpol the case is regarding drugs", Eko continued.

Regarding Andrew's deportation, Immigration still has to coordinate with the Bali Police.

"We will first coordinate with the Bali Regional Police. We will see the crimes committed by DPOs with their partners. Then, if there is a legal sanction, maybe we will process it", said Eko.

Meanwhile, the Director of General Criminal Investigation of the Bali Regional Police, Djuhandani Raharjo Puro, said that the lovers were arrested without resistance. Ekaterina Trubkina previously helped Andrew escape from the Ngurah Rai Immigration office.

"They are unmarried couples, where she (Ekaterina) plays a role in planning to prepare for the process of escaping. So if we often talk about the crime, she sees the situation at Immigration so that she can run away and so on", he said.

"Then, related to the role of financing and so on, we are still exploring. In the existing process, we must respect the criminal or enforcement provisions. They must be accompanied by legal advisors and so on, so we are not that deep", said Raharjo.

As previously reported, Andrew Ayer (33) managed to escape from the detention room of the Ngurah Rai Special Class I Kanim on Thursday, February 11. Andrew escaped when he was about to be transferred to the Jimbaran Rudenim.


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