Bamboo Waste Clogging The Cikeas River
The Frog Team of the Bekasi City Environment Office clears bamboo waste that is clogging the Cikeas River (Pradita Kurniawan Syah / Antara)

JAKARTA - Piles of bamboo waste have again clogged the flow of the Cikeas River in Jatisari Village, Jatiasih District, Bekasi City, West Java, which borders the Nusa Indah Villa Housing (VNI) III, Bojongkulur Village, Gunungputri District, Bogor Regency.

The head of the Cileungsi-Cikeas River Care Community (KP2C) Puarman in Bekasi, Wednesday said that bamboo waste usually piles up and clogs the river flow at the Kodja Dam.

"However, due to heavy rains a few days ago, mountains of bamboo waste have started clogging the river flow in the Nusa Indah Villa Housing (VNI) III area, a few kilometers before the Kodja Dam," he said as quoted by Antara, Wednesday, February 24.

The bamboo that grows on the riverbank, he said, is carried away by the current when the river rises. Because there were so many of them, they clogged the Cikeas river, which was no more than 10 meters wide.

The pile of bamboo waste is increasingly mounting because in the area there are also landslides of four bamboo clumps due to high river water, the impact of high rainfall.

Puarman admitted that since Wednesday morning, February 24, the Bekasi City Government has made efforts to clean bamboo waste by involving 15 members of the Frog Team from the Environment Agency (DLH).

He hopes that in the next two days the bamboo waste can be overcome by the Frog Team of the Bekasi City Environmental Service.

"In order to make cleaning activities smooth, we also contribute in the form of consumption," said Puarman.

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