The KPK Examined The Witness Whose Credit Card Was Used By Edhy Prabowo's Wife In America
Illustrated (Irfan Meidianto / VOI)

JAKARTA - The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) continues to investigate the alleged bribery case that ensnared former Minister of Marine Affairs and Fisheries Edhy Prabowo. You do this by calling witnesses.

One of the witnesses summoned by the KPK was named Gellwyn DH Yusuf whose credit card was used by Edhy's wife, Iis Rosita Dewi in the United States on Tuesday, February 23 yesterday. Iis alleged that this card was used by KPK investigators to shop for a number of luxury items.

"Gellwynn Dh Yusuf, a civil servant, was confirmed in connection with the alleged use of a bank credit card belonging to the witness by the wife of the suspect EP (Edhy Prabowo) who was used to shop for luxury goods in the United States," said Acting KPK spokesperson for prosecution Ali Fikri, Wednesday, February 24.

Apart from examining Gellwyn, the KPK also summoned the Head of BNI Cibinong Branch Alex Wijaya. He was under scrutiny for the bookkeeping of bank accounts belonging to Edhy Prabowo's special staff, Andreau Pribadi Misata.

Furthermore, the KPK also searched for a private employee named Badriyah Lestari. During the examination, investigators asked about the use of his account to purchase various goods from PT Aero Citra Kargo (ACK).

Still under the same investigation, the KPK also confiscated various land ownership documents in Sukabumi, West Java from a notary named Alvin Nugraha. This land is thought to belong to Edhy Prabowo.

In addition, the KPK also confiscated various company documents belonging to PT ACK which were suspected of being related to the fry bribery case. The confiscation was carried out after investigators examined Lutpi Ginanjar, who was said to be a student.

As previously reported, in the case of the export bribery of lobster fry or lobster seeds, Edhy Prabowo was named a suspect in receiving bribes along with five other people, namely: Stafsus Minister of KKP Safri (SAF) and Andreau Pribadi Misanta (APM); Management of PT Aero Citra Kargo (PT ACK) Siswadi (SWD); The staff of the wife of the Minister of KKP, Ainul Faqih, and Amiril Mukminin (AM).

Meanwhile, the giver of the bribe was the Director of PT Dua Putra Perkasa Pratama (PT DPPP) Suharjito (SJT).

Edhy was named a suspect because he was suspected of accepting bribes from companies that had been issued a lobster seed export license using a forwarder company and were kept in one account up to Rp9.8 billion.

This money is allegedly used by Edhy and his wife to shop for luxury goods, including during a visit to Honolulu, Hawaii, United States before being caught in a hand arrest (OTT) operation.

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