The Power Of Emak-mother, Bumping The Paspampres Motorbike Until It Falls During Jokowi's Visit To Sumba, NTT
President Joko Widodo (Photo: Capture YouTube Screenshot of Presidential Secretariat)

JAKARTA - Public enthusiasm for President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) was seen during a visit to Central Sumba Regency, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT), Tuesday, February 23 yesterday.

Cheers to the wave of hands were addressed by the people of Sumba to the former Governor of DKI Jakarta. Jokowi, from inside his car, did not hesitate to return the wave of the residents' hands.

However, there was one funny moment when the residents wanted to be close to him. Serambi On TV shared this on a Youtube account, Wednesday, February 24.

Seen in the 2:11 second video clip, Jokowi stops at a point in Sumba. Residents who were originally on the road, simultaneously rushed towards the black car driven by the president.

Beside the car, two Presidential Security Forces (Paspampres) were seen driving a black motorbike, stopping right beside the car.

Unexpectedly, residents who had been on the road rushed to Jokowi's car. The majority of them are Sumba mothers. Some of the police and TNI officers on the streets also seemed overwhelmed by the 'attack' of enthusiasm.

When residents were about to touch Jokowi's car, it appeared that the Paspampres were trying to prevent them, assisted by TNI officers at the location. The residents were pushed slowly so that they collided with the Paspampres motorbike on the side.

And so it happened. The black motor that was driven by Paspampres fell. There was no anger, or yelling that escaped the mouth of the officer. With alacrity, the two personnel who fell up and went on with their guard duties. Jokowi's agenda in Sumba is to examine food basins.

Jokowi revealed that Central Sumba was chosen as the location for the construction of a food barn because of the poverty rate in the area.

"Why is it done in NTT, especially in Central Sumba Regency? Because we have to say what it is, the data I have, 34 percent of poverty is here," Jokowi said in the Presidential Secretariat Youtube broadcast, Tuesday, February 23.

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