When Anies Appreciated His Staff Quickly Subdued The Flood But Instead, Changed The Head Of The Water Resources Service, What Happened?
Ubernur DKI Jakarta, Anies Baswedan. (Photo: DKI Jakarta Provincial Government Public Relations)

JAKARTA - DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan said he was proud of his staff who managed to reduce the floods in just two days. Floods occurred since Saturday, February 20 morning and receded on Sunday, February 21 evening.

Anies said that the subsidence of floods in the affected areas was due to the hard work of all levels of the DKI Provincial Government to carry out pumping.

So that, Monday, February 22 morning, all economic and government activities could take place without the slightest disturbance due to extreme rainfall.

"I would like to express my gratitude to all ranks who have worked extra hard to ensure that all the effects of this extreme weather are under control," Anies said on Monday, February 22.

Anies thanked the 16 thousand ranks of the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government who worked incessantly. They put all their strength into controlling 644 floodgates, deploying 1,013 pumps, including 228 fire trucks, and 100 plant watering trucks.

"Handling the impact of rainfall is a collective work that is seriously planned, simulated in the field before the rainy season arrives. Then it is carried out jointly by all elements," he explained.

However, a day after praising his ranks, Anies removed Juaini Yusuf from the post of Head of the Water Resources Service. The SDA Office is a regional work unit (SKPD) that handles the development and security of water resources. One of them, the flood control program.

Juaini was transferred to be Deputy Mayor of North Jakarta. Now, Juaini's replacement is Yusmada Faisal, who previously served as Assistant to the DKI Regional Secretary for Development and Environment.

Especially for the new SDA Head, Anies asked Yusmada to work optimally. Because, at this time, the DKI Provincial Government is facing very dynamic working conditions, especially during the pandemic and the rainy season.

"We both face the rainy season, especially to the Head of the Water Resources Service who has experience, if we have received the mandate, to immediately organize our strength in overcoming the rainy season. Immediately make sure our management there runs as well as possible," he said. Anies.

Responding to this, the Chairman of the DKI DPRD Development Sector Commission, Ida Mahampang congratulated Yusmada Faizal who had just become the Head of the SDA Agency. Although, Ida admitted that he was shocked when Juaini was rotated when DKI was still in danger of flooding and needed serious handling.

"The replacement of the Head of the SDA Service is quite surprising. But that is all the governor's authority, what to do with it. We cannot intervene," Ida told VOI.

However, Ida also did not want to speculate on the reasons for changing the head of the department in charge of handling the flood problem. "Even though Commission D is a partner of the SDA Service, I was not invited to discuss it. So, we don't know. I don't want to guess," he explained.

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