Polemic, Finally The East Java Provincial Government Refused To Grant Funds For The SBY-ANI Museum
Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (Photo: Instagram @aniyudhoyono)

JAKARTA - The East Java Provincial Government has decided not to provide grants of IDR 9 billion to the Yudhoyono Foundation to build the SBY-ANI Museum and Gallery in Pacitan Regency, East Java. Because, this fund raises pros and cons in the community.

The polemic about the grant for the construction of this museum was initially busy on social media because many netizens paid attention to it. East Java DPRD member Deni Wicaksono responded to this, who said the Yudhoyono Foundation was an institution for the personal political image of a figure.

So, this Rp9 billion grant of money would certainly offend and betray the community, especially the Pacitan residents.

"Public money of Rp. 9 billion for an institution whose goal is a personal political image for a figure really hurts the hearts of the people, betrays the mandate of the people's suffering, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic when the people are in trouble," said Deni in his written statement.

According to him, instead of being donated to build a museum, the Rp9 billion in cash could be bought 900 thousand kilograms of rice and distributed to the poor. Not only that, this money is also considered to be able to provide internet data package assistance for more than 500 thousand students.

"Or it could provide scholarship assistance for students who have difficulty paying tuition fees during a pandemic," he said.

In addition, Deni reminded the APBD as a fiscal instrument that must be used according to the priority scale. Moreover, Pacitan Regency is one of the poverty centers in East Java.

"Poverty in Pacitan is very high, namely 14.54 percent as of 2020. This is among the highest in East Java. Likewise, the per capita income of the people of Pacitan is only Rp.28 million per person per year, only half of the average per capita income in East Java," he said.

"The Rp. 9 billion aid fund for the SBY Museum is an ironic thing in the midst of the fact that Pacitan's poverty is so great. Especially if we look at the shape of the SBY Museum like a luxurious palace, which is far from the realities of life of the people of Pacitan," he added.

Even if the reason for the assistance for the construction of the SBY Museum is to increase tourism, this is also inappropriate. This is because tourism development in this regency must be carried out with a cultural approach as well as infrastructure development, not with the SBY Museum.

In line with Deni, Chairman of the PDI-P Faction Sri Untari said that instead of building a museum, it is better if the grant funds are given to cultural heritage sites of ancestral heritage.

"Grants to cultural sites that were inherited from our ancestors in the past are much more important, because they contain the noble values of ethical teachings, rather than museums which are museums for the living. The museum places heroic memories for deceased figures," he said. .

The APBD grant was finally canceled

After causing a polemic, the East Java Provincial Government decided to cancel the billions of rupiah in grants. The decision was based on a letter signed by the Regional Secretary of the East Java Provincial Government, Heru Tjahjono Number: 910/3050 / 201.2 / 2021 concerning the Withdrawal of Special Financial Assistance for Pacitan Regency in the amendments to the East Java Provincial Budget for the 2020 Budget.

"Yes, it is canceled, so the grant funds must be returned to the East Java Provincial Government," said Indartato when confirmed on Tuesday, February 23.

In the letter also written special financial assistance to Pacitan Regency on the changes to the East Java Provincial Budget for the 2020 Budget, so that it is deposited back into the Regional General Treasury Account (RKUD), East Java Province in accordance with applicable laws "It's finished, in essence we return the money to the East Java Provincial Government," he explained.

According to Indartato, so far his party has complied with existing procedures and is in accordance with regulations. However, he said, many people questioned the Rp9 billion grant, until finally the East Java Provincial Government withdrew the funds.

"Because of the pros and cons of society, finally the East Java Provincial Government took the policy to withdraw the money," he said.

It is known, after the polemic arose regarding this grant, the General Treasurer of the Democratic Party's DPP Renville Antonio spoke up. He said, this APBD money was purely assistance from the East Java Provincial Government.

However, he emphasized that the Democratic Party has never asked the East Java Provincial Government for these funds and this is allowed. "So it is purely a grant," said Renville some time ago.

He explained that the grant for the SBY Museum was an initiative of former Governor Soekarwo or what is often called Pakde Karwo. At the time of laying the first stone, the East Java Provincial Government was led by Governor Khofifah Indar Parawansa.

"But that was the direct initiative of Governor Pakde Karwo. So yes we thank you. And at that time, Governor Khofifah was present and gave appreciation," he concluded.

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