After Gathering With Fiki Naki, The Indonesian Embassy In Kazakhstan Now Post Dayana Eating Soto Ayam And Indomie
Dayana, who was highlighted by Indonesian netizens while at the Indonesian Embassy in Nur-Sultan Kazakhstan's House of Culture (Youtube KBRI Nur-Sultan)

JAKARTA - Whether it's a coincidence or not, the Indonesian Embassy in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan has again posted something related to YouTuber Fiki Naki and Dayana. After having a virtual stay with Fiki Naki, now the Indonesian Embassy in Nur-Sultan has uploaded Dayana's moments while tasting Indonesian food at the Indonesian Embassy in the Cultural House.

"In the digital era, anyone can take part in diplomacy. Wise and polite creativity in social media and the spirit to build cross-border friendship are one of the ways that young people can promote Indonesia's image in the international world and improve Indonesia's good relations with friendly countries, "said the statement of the Indonesian Embassy in Nur-Sultan. his official Instagram post, Tuesday, February 23.

The Indonesian Embassy in Nur-Sultan would like to thank Fiki Naki and his manager Theresia Felicia. This gathering was said to be very meaningful to the Indonesian Embassy in Kazakhstan.

"We are waiting for the non-virtual hospitality," he continued.

Now the latest posts appear, Tuesday, February 23 night. It contains a video of Dayana cooking.

“Are Kazakh people fond of Indonesian food? What Indonesian food suits Kazakh tastes? Let's introduce Indonesian food to our friends in our friendly countries, Kazakhstan and Tajikistan, ”said the caption of the official Instagram account of the Indonesian Embassy in Nur-Sultan, Kazakhstan.

The 7th episode of the Rumah Budaya Kitchen can be watched on YouTube. The Indonesian Embassy also included two languages at the same time, namely Russian and Indonesian.

"How are you?" Dayana said in the video. Dayana tasted a number of Indonesian-style dishes such as chicken soup.

"This chicken soup is like soup," said Dayana using the local language translated by the Indonesian Embassy, Nur-Sultan. Dayana gave a score of 10 for the taste of the chicken soup served.

In addition, Dayana also tasted Nasi Goreng which was served complete with fried egg. Dayana explained about fried rice cooked with soy sauce as well as shrimp paste plus shrimp crackers.

"It's very spicy," said Dayana tasting the fried rice while giving a score of 9 for this dish.

Not only that, Dayana tasted Indomie goreng. Dayana calls fried Indomie like Ramyeon, Korea.

"It's like Lagman," Dayana described the taste of fried noodles. For a dish that is often identified with boarding house boys in Indonesia, Dayana gave a score of 10 for its taste.

Dayana, a Kazakh woman who is in the spotlight of netizens in Indonesia, visited the Nur-Sultan Embassy (KBRI) office, Astana, Kazakhstan on Wednesday, January 20. Dayana began to recognize Indonesian culture from her visit.

Dayana's visit, the owner of the Instagram account @ demi.demik, was uploaded to the official Instagram account of the Indonesian Embassy in Kazakhstan.

Dayana takes pictures using traditional Indonesian cultural fabrics. On her Instagram account, Dayana also plays angklung and videos the gamelan in the cultural house of the Indonesian Embassy in Kazakhstan.

"We learned a lot of Indonesian traditions and culture. Very interesting, ”said Dayana in her post.

There are netizens who hope that the Indonesian Embassy in Nur-Sultan can mediate the 'peace' of Dayana and Fiki Naki. Understandably, after slipping over the question of 'not needing' Indonesia, Dayana became a butt.

Even Baim Wong commented on Dayana's statement. Dayana apologized via the Instagram feed, which was later deleted.

Most recently, Dayana blocked Fiki Naki's Instagram account. Fiki Naki revealed this because he was asked by netizens why he no longer followed his Instagram account for the sake of the demise.

It is quite complicated for Dayana and Fiki Naki's business. Dayana's hardline fans asked Fiki Naki to gently delete the Ome TV part 1-6 video uploaded to Fiki Naki's Youtube account.

But many also 'attacked' Dayana because she slipped her statement via Insta Story, which was considered arrogant because they no longer wanted to talk to Indonesia and at the same time showed off their famous vlogger friends in Russia.

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