NTB Regional Police Arrested Human Trafficking Syndicate, Victim Taken To Turkey In Fact Eats Once
Police arrested two men suspected of being members of a cross-country human trafficking syndicate.

MATARAM - Police arrested two men suspected of being members of a cross-country human trafficking syndicate.

West Nusa Tenggara Regional Police Dirreskrimum Kombes Hari Brata said the two perpetrators were arrested under the command of the Subdit IV team for youth, children and women (renakta)

"They were arrested based on the results of investigations by members in the field," said Kombes Hari Brata accompanied by the Head of Public Relations of the NTB Police, Kombes Artanto, quoted by Antara, Tuesday, February 23.

Two men who were arrested with the initials AB (41), residents of Suralaga, East Lombok Regency, who act as recruiters in NTB and collectors in Jakarta with the initials HS (44), residents of Ciracas, East Jakarta.

"Apart from accommodating, HR is also the one who dispatched the victims," he said.

Kombes Hari Brata said that this cross-country human trafficking syndicate has large capital. They finance recruitment and delivery of victims. The guarantee of multiple profits keeps this illicit business going.

"For each person who is recruited, they can earn up to Rp120 million in wages," he said.

One of the trafficking women victims from this syndicate with the initials HR (29), a resident of Suralaga, East Lombok Regency.

The victim was initially promised to work in Abu Dhabi as a household assistant with a salary of IDR 4 million per month. Apart from high salaries and free departure, the victim was also promised an allowance of IDR 2.5 million.

Administrative completeness for his departure was also made by the perpetrator. Starting from managing the cost of medical examinations to making passports in Mataram City.

"But in fact, the victims were smuggled to Turkey. The mode was that the victims were sent to other countries to work but used tourist visas. They were sent individually," continued Kombes Hari Brataa.

Arriving in Turkey, the victim is again accommodated with other irregular migrant workers in a small room. Eat and drink only once a day. His passport was also withheld by the agency.

When they were handed over to their employers, victims often received inhuman treatment. Even the promised salary of Rp. 4 million was only given half.

"So in less than two years, the victim decided to run away and asked for protection from the Indonesian Embassy in Ankara in December 2020. From there our investigation began," he said.

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