Komnas HAM Meets The Cyber Crime Directorate Of The National Police To Discuss ITE Case Handling

JAKARTA - Komnas HAM held a meeting with the Directorate of Cyber Crime, Bareskrim Polri. The meeting discussed the idea of governance in case handling related to the application of the ITE Law within the framework of human rights (HAM) and alternative mediation in its resolution.

"Seeing that the implementation of the ITE Law currently has polemics in law enforcement efforts. Therefore, it is important for the Indonesian National Human Rights Commission and the National Police to collaborate to build a joint mechanism for handling cases of hate speech, hoaxes, and other cases of violations of freedom of opinion and expression based on human rights. including human rights mediation, ”said Komnas HAM Commissioner Hairansyah Ahmad in a written statement, Tuesday, February 23.

Meanwhile, Komnas HAM commissioner M. Choirul Anam mentioned the importance of maintaining human rights principles for the public interest in utilizing the social media space, including the law enforcement scenario.

This meeting resulted in an initial understanding with Komnas HAM and Dittipidsiber Bareksrim Polri will follow up with a concrete meeting of the handling mechanism and their respective contributions in handling ITE-based cases.

The joint framework of the two institutions will be discussed further in a joint team that will explore human rights principles, law enforcement mechanisms, including coordination between institutions.

The meeting on Tuesday, February 23, was attended by Komnas HAM commissioner Hairansyah and M. Choirul Anam along with Komnas HAM staff. Meanwhile from Dittipidsiber was attended by the Director of Cyber Crime at the National Police Criminal Investigation Brigadier General Slamet Uliandi.

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