DKI DPRD Criticizes Anies Baswedan For Promising To Build 1.8 Million Infiltration Well: Until Today, Only 15 Thousands
Governor of DKI Jakarta Anies Baswedan (DOK. Public Relations of DKI Pemprov)

JAKARTA - Chairman of Commission D DPRD DKI Ida Mahampang criticized the slow realization of DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan's promise regarding infiltration wells. Anies once promised to build 1.8 million infiltration wells by 2022, but currently only 15 thousand have been built.

"This infiltration well program, Sir, in the RPJMD actually has 1.8 million, right? So, from that target to date, it has only reached 15 thousand, "said Chairman of Commission D DPRD DKI Ida Mahampang, Tuesday, February 23 evening.

According to Ida, the completion of this target is in the hands of Yusmada Faisal, the Head of DKI Water Resources (SDA) who was recently appointed by Anies.

"This SDA has a duty to accelerate it, it should be. But I don't know why the governor made the plan in the RPJMD but how come it didn't work. If 1.8 million, that means how many people have tried one RT? I don't know why Mr. Anies made RPJMD like that, "said Ida.

When asked about the planned changes to the RPJMD, Ida admitted that he did not know about it. What is certain is that this infiltration well was once mentioned by Anies as an effort to tackle floods in Jakarta.

"I do not have a proposal to change the RPJMD. I don't know whether the proposal is only in the DPRD leadership or to us as well, I don't know yet, "said Ida.

Previously, when he was Head of the DKI Water Resources Agency, Juaini Yusuf said the target was to build 300 thousand vertical drainages or infiltration wells starting in 2021 until the term of office of DKI Jakarta Governor Anies Baswedan ends in 2022.

"For 2021 to 2022, our plan is only 300,000 points with a budget of Rp400 billion, which we will start this year," said Juaini.

According to Juaini, the existence of infiltration wells is very effective in preventing flooding. "There are several cases in locations where inundation often occurs, because there is an infiltration well, the water is lost and it runs to the infiltration well," said Juaini.

However, infiltration wells that were built until the end of 2020 have not reached the target of 5,000 points. As of December 31, 2020, there have been 2,974 vertical drainage points in 777 locations, such as in RPTRA, Regional Government Buildings, Schools, City Parks, and Mosques.

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