West Sumatra DPRD Forms Special Committee On Fraud Of COVID-19 Funds Of Rp160 Billion Related To BPK Findings

PADANG - The West Sumatra (West Sumatra) DPRD has formed a special committee (special committee) to follow up on indications of deviations from the budget for handling the COVID-19 pandemic worth Rp160 billion in 2020.

Deputy Chairman of the Special Committee Nofrizon said the indication of this deviation was based on the findings of the Audit Result Report (LHP) of the Supreme Audit Agency (BPK).

Nofrizon said the special committee had been formed by the West Sumatra DPRD since February 17, 2021, and had been working to follow up on all BPK findings.

"The DPRD is based on the BPK's findings, the figure is around Rp160 billion, we have been working for one week, fraud is related to the procurement of hand sanitizers," he said as quoted by Antara, Tuesday, February 23.

He said there were findings of the BPK LHP regarding funds given to the West Sumatra Provincial Government of IDR 160 billion in 2020 and IDR 150 billion used.

"The Rp10 billion should have been returned, and the BPK findings indicated that Rp.49 billion was suspected and its use was doubtful," said Nofrizon.

He said the results of the special committee had been studied. It also calls on partners who produce and sell hand sanitizers.

"The partner was asked where to get permission, admitted by the partner that he obtained permission from the wife of the Head of BPBD West Sumatra," he continued.

Nofrizon said the company made batik, but instead provided hand sanitizers, and the budget was used a lot and even paid in cash, amounting to billions of rupiah.

The procurement of hand sanitizers resulted in price swelling, and according to him, the Head of BPBD West Sumatra admitted during a meeting with the special committee.

"He admits that his wife makes a profit of Rp. 5,000 per bottle. The price is from Rp. 9 thousand to Rp. 35 thousand and that is only one item that we have studied, not to mention others such as glasses, masks, hazmat, and others," he said.

His party has also consulted with BNPB in Jakarta to compare prices for the procurement of the COVID-19 equipment.

The special committee will continue to work until the problem is resolved. Apart from the BPBD, a meeting will also be held with other regional apparatus organizations (OPD) and it is possible that the former West Sumatra Governor Irwan Prayitno will also be asked about this matter.

"It depends on later, we are in accordance with the LHP BPK, but there has been no discussion there because the special committee has a limited time, but it could develop there," he said.

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