Prof. NA Describes The Potential Of 319 South Sulawesi Islands In Coordination Meeting With Suharso Monoarfa
South Sulawesi Governor Prof. Nurdin Abdullah explained the potential of 319 islands in South Sulawesi (ANTARA)

MAKASSAR - South Sulawesi Governor Prof. Nurdin Abdullah explained the potential of 319 islands in South Sulawesi.

The presentation was delivered during a coordination meeting (Rakor) with the Minister of National Development Planning (PPN) or the Head of Bappenas Suharso Monoarfa and virtually all Governors throughout Indonesia.

"In South Sulawesi, there are about 319 islands and there are still many small islands whose conditions are very apprehensive, because of the contradiction between the existing potential and the social conditions of the community," said Nurdin Abdullah in his presentation, Tuesday, February 23.

He explained, with the ability of the Regional Budget and third party funding through corporate social responsibility (CSR) and collaboration with district / city governments, facilities such as telecommunications, drinking water and electricity can be built.

"We, with all the capacity of the APBD and potential third party funds, encourage the provision of drinking water, electricity, telecommunications and other infrastructure to provide space for them to be more productive in managing the potential that exists around the island," he explained.

Nurdin Abdullah conveyed that as a follow-up to holding the Pre-Rakorgub which took place on February 8 - 11 2020, there were several strategic issues that were agreed upon in order to encourage the achievement of the target of accelerating economic recovery in 2022. In general, this includes regional economic conditions experiencing contraction due to the pandemic.

Including infrastructure connectivity, which still needs serious attention, because South Sulawesi has economic potential and strength in the agricultural sector. But it has not been able to contribute optimally to improving welfare, including improving regional fiscal capacity.

"Our hope is that, with the support of adequate infrastructure, the existing potential will encourage increased income and community welfare and reduce regional dependence on transfer funds," said Prof. NA.

Meanwhile, Minister of National Development Planning (PPN) / Head of Bappenas Suharso Monoarfa said that all proposals from the South Sulawesi Provincial Government in 2020 will be realized in 2021. Likewise, the 2021 proposal will be realized in 2022.

"I think that's what we discussed on this occasion, all proposals in 2020 will be used in 2021. Likewise, proposals for 2021 will be given in 2022," said Suharso.

Especially in 2021, this is to propose a maximum of three strategic programs to be realized in 2022.

"It is hoped that all Governors will submit proposals for three strategic projects for the next 2022," said Suharso.

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