Regent Of Sinjai Reported Citizens Considered To Defame Good Name Due To COVID-19 Budget Comments

SINJAI - The Regent of Sinjai, South Sulawesi (Sulsel) Andi Seto Gadista Asapa reported that residents were considered defamatory. Regent Sinjai did not accept the posting about the COVID-19 budget on his Facebook account.

"It is true (reported) defamation through social media," said Sinjai Police Chief AKBP Iwan Irmawan confirmed by VOI, Tuesday, February 23.

But it is not yet known which elements of the comments regarding the COVID-19 budget. Bupati Sinjai reported residents on Monday, February 22.

"He reported himself to the Sinjai Police, which was reported by the man with the initials Am, about the COVID-19 budget problem," said AKBP Iwan.

The police are still reviewing the Sinjai Regent's report. AKBP Iwan ensured that the handling of the Sinjai Regent's report was carried out professionally.

"But currently we are still in the process of an in-depth investigation first professionally and proportionally and we will first hold a case internally involving Propam and Siwas. Because now we have to step carefully in accordance with the instructions and directions from the Chief of Police regarding the application of the ITE Law, "he said.

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