The AGO Said About The Investigation Of Pacific Place Owner Tan Kian Regarding Benny Tjokro In The Asabri Corruption Case
Jampidsus Attorney General Ali Mukartono (ANTARA)

JAKARTA - The Attorney General's Office (AGO) said they had found legal action by Pacific Place owner Tan Kian in the alleged corruption case of PT Asabri. Tan Kian has a partnership with Benny Tjokrosaputro who is a suspect.

"There is legal action. But the act is against the law yet," said Deputy Attorney General for Special Crimes (Jampidsus) at the AGO Ali Mukartono to reporters, Tuesday, February 23.

Therefore, investigators have not been able to determine further legal steps against Tan Kian. Investigators are still looking for strong evidence through examination in the Asabri corruption case.

This sufficient evidence will later become the capital for investigators to reveal more in this case. In fact, it is not impossible that a suspect will be determined.

"There is cooperation between Benny Tjokro and Tan Kian. Whether it is an act against the law or not, we will investigate it first," he said.

"(The suspect) Can or may not," he continued.

Tan Kian, who is the Head of KSO Duta Regency Karunia Metropolitan Kuningan Properti is questioned by the Attorney General's Office on Tuesday, February 23. Tan Kian has twice been examined as a witness.

Tan Kian was also investigated in the corruption case of PT Asuransi Jiwasraya. The connection is also with Benny Tjokro.

The two of them made a deal in 2015 for an apartment building under the name South Hill.

During the construction process, the sale was carried out by pre-sale, in which the proceeds from the sale, Benny had received a payment of IDR 400 billion and Tan Kian received IDR 1 trillion.

There was a share of the proceeds from the sale of apartments that had not been sold. It was agreed that the Defendant Benny would receive 70 percent and Tan Kian received 30 percent.

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