Allowing Non-Muhrim Couples, Hotel In Banda Aceh Is Sealed For Violating Islamic Sharia
Satpol PP and WH personnel seals hotels suspected of violating Islamic law, in Banda Aceh (ANTARA)

BANDA ACEH - The Banda Aceh of Unit Police PP and Wilayatul Hisbah (WH) with elements of the TNI/Police sealed the Mars Hotel for allegedly violating Islamic law.

"At the end of 2020 there was a violation of sharia, and after a letter was sent from the Mayor of Banda Aceh, today we will seal it", said Head of Satpol PP/WH Banda Aceh Heru Triwijanarko quoted by Antara, Tuesday, February 23.

Heru said the violation of Islamic law occurred because the hotel allowed non-Muslim couples to enter freely and stay in hotel rooms.

However, Heru said, after calling the hotel owner, it was discovered that the hotel did not have complete permits.

"Apart from violating the Sharia law several times, it turns out that the business license has not been completed, so we seal it first until they are willing to repair and complete the license", he said.


Heru conveyed that before the business was closed, his party had given a warning, verbally and written, but until the time limit he was given it was not heeded, so the sealing was carried out.

"We will give administrative sanctions, we have passed verbal and written warnings, if we do not have good intentions, we will have to close the business license", said Heru.

Heru reminded all hotel owners in Banda Aceh to comply with the Islamic sharia regulations in force in Banda Aceh, and complete business permits according to applicable regulations.

"All hotels in Banda Aceh are under the supervision of Islamic law. For the first mistake, we may give coaching, and if it recurs then we take firm action", said Heru.

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