Corusi Case At Mandala Krida Stadium, Secretary Of The DIY Cultural Service Absent From The KPK's Call

JAKARTA - The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) continues to investigate corruption cases related to the construction of the Mandala Krida Stadium, the construction of which uses the Yogyakarta Special Region Provincial Budget for the 2016-2017 Fiscal Year.

Investigators summoned a number of witnesses who were deemed to have knowledge of this case, including the Secretary of the Yogyakarta Special Region Cultural Service Erlina Hidayati Sumardi.

Erlina was absent from the investigation held by the Sleman Police Office, Jalan Magelang Km 12.5, Sleman, Yogyakarta. There is no clear reason why he was not present at the summons.

"Erlina Hidayati Sumardi, Secretary of the Special Region Cultural Service did not attend without confirmation," said Acting KPK spokesperson for prosecution Ali Fikri in a written statement, Tuesday, February 23.

Later the investigator will send back a summons. "The KPK appealed to cooperative witnesses to attend according to the next examination schedule," he said.

While other witnesses are Aminto Mangun Diprojo who is the owner of PT Kenanga Mulya, PT Bimapatria Pradanaraya, and PT Tata Analisa Multi Mulya; Thomas Hartono, who is a private party; Head of Planning of the DIY Education and Youth Office Suroyo; and the DIY Sumadi Inspectorate attended the inspection.

During the interrogation, the four witnesses were questioned regarding the process and stages of the implementation of supervision of the Mandala Krida Stadium construction project, which allegedly had a delay in its completion.

"In addition, the confirmation is also related to the alleged borrowing of the company's flag by PT DMI," said Ali.

Previously reported, the KPK was investigating suspected corruption cases related to the construction of the Mandala Krida Stadium, Yogyakarta. It's just that the KPK has not explained who is the suspect because this announcement will be made in conjunction with the detention effort.

Regarding this case, the Governor of the Special Region of Yogyakarta, Sri Sultan Hamengkubuwono X, hopes that the legal process for the alleged corruption case in the construction of the Mandala Krida Yogyakarta Stadium handled by the KPK will soon be completed.

"It's an old problem, yes, just solve it quickly so it won't be prolonged. The legal process is fine," said the Sultan at the Kepatihan complex, Yogyakarta, quoted by Antara, Friday, February 19.

The King of Jogja also has no problem if in the investigation of this case there are officials within the DIY regional government who are proven to be involved.

"Yes, it's okay if it is wrong what to do. However, the process is not there yet. If there is something criminal in nature, then just process it," he said.

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