KPK Extends Detention Of Inactive Cimahi Mayor Ajay Muhammad
KPK / VOI Building

JAKARTA - The Corruption Eradication Commission (KPK) has extended the detention period of the inactive Cimahi Mayor Ajay Muhammad Priatna for 30 days. Ajay is a bribe suspect in connection with the Kasih Bunda General Hospital (RSU) in Cimahi City, West Java.

"Tuesday, February 23, the KPK investigative team extended the detention period of AJM (Ajay Muhammad Priatna) for 30 days based on the decision of the second Bandung District Court Chief, starting from February 26 to March 27 at the Metro Police Detention Center, Central Jakarta," said Acting KPK spokesman. in the field of prosecution Ali Fikri in his written statement, Tuesday, February 23.

During this period of detention, investigators will continue to call witnesses to complete this bribery case file.

Ali said investigators were also investigating Ajay as a suspect.

During the examination, investigators confirmed the documents regarding his appointment as Mayor of Cimahi and the suspicion of Ajay's proximity to various partners working on development projects in the city.

Previously, the KPK arrested the hands of the Mayor of Cimahi, Ajay Muhammad Priatna and the Commissioner of the Kasih Bunda Cimahi General Hospital, Hutama Yonathan, in November 2020.

The two of them became suspects in the alleged bribery case related to the construction permit of the Kasih Bunda Hospital for the 2018-2020 fiscal year.

Ajay Priatna is alleged to have received bribes amounting to IDR1.661 billion in five stages out of a total agreement of IDR3.2 billion. The money is suspected to be related to the permit process for the addition of the Kasih Bunda Hospital building.

To investigate this case, the KPK investigating team has searched four locations, namely the Office and Home of the Mayor of Cimahi, Kasih Bunda Hospital and PT Trisakti Megah's Office.

From this search, the team of investigators confiscated a number of documents such as financial records that were suspected of being related to the bribe received by Ajay, as well as documents for applying for permission from the Kasih Bunda Hospital.

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