The Central Jakarta Walkot, Which Anies Removed Because Of The Petamburan Crowd, Is Now The Head Of The DKI Bureaucratic Reform-Organization
Inauguration procession for DKI Pemprov officials, Tuesday, February 23 (DOK. Humas Pemprov DKI)

JAKARTA - The Governor of DKI Jakarta Anies Baswedan appointed Bayu Meghantara as Head of the Organization and Bureaucratic Reform Bureau of the DKI Jakarta Provincial Secretariat.

Bayu Megantara is a former Mayor of Central Jakarta. Anies removed Bayu in November 2020 due to the case of a crowd of supporters of Muhammad Rizieq Shihab in the Petamburan area, Central Jakarta.

At that time, Bayu was deemed negligent and negligent by disobeying Anies's directions and instructions. In fact, Anies had given directions to anticipate activities that could potentially create a crowd at the Prophet's birthday and wedding in Petamburan on November 14. However, it was found that in the field these directions were not implemented properly.

Bayu was inaugurated by Anies along with 12 other high ranking officials from the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government. They were sworn in at the City Hall of DKI, Central Jakarta.

During the inauguration, Anies told the inaugurated officials to immediately make adjustments. They are asked to immediately initiate newness when implementing policies.

"At this time, we have to think about something novelty that will be brought in a new place, then prepare steps to really bring the novelty. So far, there are challenges that are not small and we are facing them together," said Anies, Tuesday, February 23. .

The inauguration and the taking of the oath of office are the results of the competency test of the Primary High Leaders in the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government in 2021.

The following are the 13 officials appointed by Anies today:

1. Julia Leli Kurniatri, as Head of Regional Office V BKN Jakarta

2. Sigit Wijatmoko, as Assistant to the Regional Secretary of DKI Jakarta Province

3. Afan Adriansyah Idris, as Assistant for Development and Environment of the Regional Secretary for DKI Jakarta Province

4. Syaefuloh Hidayat, as Inspector of DKI Jakarta Province

5. Dhany Sukma, as Mayor of Central Jakarta

6. Ali Maulana Hakim, as Mayor of North Jakarta

7. Maria Qibtya, as Head of the Regional Civil Service Agency for the DKI Jakarta Province

8. Yusmada Faizal, as Head of the DKI Jakarta Provincial Water Resources Service

9. Premi Lasari, as Head of the DKI Jakarta Provincial Social Service

10. Chaidir, as Deputy Head of the DKI Jakarta Provincial Transportation Agency

11. Juaini Yusuf, as Deputy Mayor of North Jakarta

12. Bayu Meghantara, as Head of the Bureau of Organization and Bureaucratic Reform of the Regional Secretariat for DKI Jakarta Province

13. lin Mutmainnah, as Secretary of West Jakarta City Administration

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