Aceh Regional Police Aim For Alleged Corruption In Procurement Of Sink Of IDR.41.2 Billion
Head of the Aceh Regional Police Public Relations Division Kombes Winardy (ANTARA)

BANDA ACEH - The Aceh Regional Police are targeting allegations of corruption in the procurement of a sink or portable hand-washing place at the Aceh Education Office with a value of IDR 41.2 billion.

Head of the Aceh Regional Police Public Relations Division, Winardy, in Banda Aceh, Tuesday, said that the handling of this case is still in the collection of information materials or packages.

"The handling of this case is still at the clarification stage and there is still no examination of the related parties", he said as quoted by Antara, Tuesday, February 23.

The Aceh Police Team is still exploring and studying the data they already have. After that, the next steps will be determined whether or not to proceed to the investigation stage or not.

"The Aceh Polda is still deepening the data. So, the Regional of Police Aceh has not made any clarifications to related parties. That means the Polda still determines the validation of the data involved first", he said.


Previously, the Aceh Government, through the Aceh Education Office, in the 2020 fiscal year procured 400 packages of handwashing stations or portable sinks with a value of IDR 41.2 billion.

The mechanism for determining the winner of the procurement project is carried out using a direct procurement system. Each procurement package ranges from IDR 100 million to IDR 200 million.



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