Creating Controversy, Members Of The Bantul DPRD Says 'Nothing Is Covided Right, Funerals Are Just Projects,' Apologize
Clarification regarding the statement by a member of the Bantul DPRD that the funeral for COVID-19 is only a project (ANTARA)

BANTUL - Member of the Bantul Regency DPRD, DIY, Supriyono, delivered a clarification and an apology for the statement regarding the funeral of the COVID-19 body as a profit-seeking project.

Supriyono in front of the leadership of the Bantul DPRD, the Bantul Disaster Risk Reduction Forum (FPRB) and other volunteers at the Bantul DPRD, said that ordinary people have unconsciousness, ignorance and limitations so that they are not free from mistakes.

"Therefore, in my delivery at Kulon Progo yesterday there was a statement that was not pleasing to fellow volunteers in the context of handling COVID-19. From the bottom of my heart I apologize to the FPRB represented by Waljito as the leader and all volunteers in Bantul, village. and Yogyakarta Province, "said Supriyono as quoted by Antara, Tuesday, February 23.

According to him, the statement regarding the burial of COVID-19 when he was a speaker at a wedding thanksgiving event in Kulon Progo a few days ago did not intend to overthrow or corner officers or volunteers who helped bury bodies because of the COVID-19 case.

"This is a lesson for me, and I promise not to repeat, hopefully we can remind each other, not corner each other. Once again I apologize, there is no intention of my heart to drop, all collaborate well," said the people's representatives from Bantul's Crescent Star Party (PBB).

Meanwhile, Deputy Chairman of the Bantul DPRD, Subhan Nawawi, said that Supriyono's clarification on the video statement about the COVID-19 funeral circulating on social media had been delivered. The clarification was made after there was mediation between the volunteers and Supriyono who was facilitated by the leadership of the council.

"There has been clarification on the viral video. For this reason, Pak Supriyono has admitted his mistake and apologized," said Subhan.

Meanwhile, Chairman of the FPRB Bantul Waljito said that there had been mediation and clarification from Supriyono regarding statements that were deemed to be detrimental to members of the FPRB and COVID-19 volunteers in Bantul, because in that statement there was a counter narrative against policies related to handling COVID-19.

"In front of the leadership of the council and volunteers, he has admitted his mistakes and apologized for his remarks, and he also acknowledges and believes that this COVID is endangering the community, so he promised not to repeat his words," he said.

He hopes that this event can become a joint learning, every elite, people's representatives, and community leaders, including the common people, must be really careful in conveying something, especially related to the lives of many people.

"And of course ready to support, for example, as the capacity of Bantul council members to fight together in order to help the community and government in reducing the transmission and spread of COVID-19," he said.

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