USU Professor Checked By Police About Uploading Racist Content Of Natalius Pigai
Professor of the Faculty of Agriculture, University of North Sumatra (USU) Prof. Yusuf Leonard Henuk, (Malo M / VOI)

MEDAN - Professor of the Faculty of Agriculture, University of North Sumatra (USU) Prof. Yusuf Leonard Henuk, examined by the North Sumatra Regional Police.

He was investigated for allegedly posting racist content by juxtaposing a photo of a monkey in the mirror with a human rights activist, Natalius Pigai. Prof. Yusuf came accompanied by his lawyer, Rinto Maha.

"This (about) allegations of racism," said Yusuf, Tuesday, February 16.

Yusuf said the posts related to Natalius Pigai were only a form of satire in discussion. Yet he wondered why others reported it.

"This criticism of caricature satire is normal. Part of a discussion, a lesson. My problem is with the discussion pigeon why other people report me," said Yusuf.

Meanwhile, Yusuf's lawyer, Rinto, said that there were parties who deliberately cornered his client, which led to allegations of racism.

"This is a satire, who says who is racist? In order for all to understand, initially the post was uploaded on January 2, 2021. There is no racist term but on the 24th the issue of racism was raised," said Rinto.

Meanwhile, Kasubbid Penmas Polda North Sumatra AKBP MP Nainggolan told reporters that Yusuf is currently still undergoing questioning.

"The statement is being taken," said Nainggolan.

Nainggolan explained that there were 4 report files involving Yusuf, namely as a reporting witness and a reported witness.

"We handled 4 cases of reports regarding the Democrats, then the Papuan people and he (Yusuf), also reported (behind) both of them," he said.

Regarding the report being complained about SBY, Nainggolan confirmed that he had been questioned. The case is still under investigation

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