Jokowi: Alutsista Modernization Is Very Necessary, But The State Budget Is Very Limited
President Joko Widodo gave a press statement after leading the TNI's 78th Anniversary ceremony at Monas, Jakarta, Thursday (5/10/2023). ANTARA/Indra Arief Pribadi/aa.

President Joko Widodo again mentioned the procurement of defense equipment after the 78th Commemoration Ceremony of the Indonesian National Armed Forces Day at the National Monument (Monas), Central Jakarta.

According to Jokowi, in planning the procurement of defense equipment, the TNI must prioritize more urgent needs.

"There must be a priority scale. Alutsista is important, but see if anything is more important. Will we go to war? So, which one takes precedence, which priority scale," said Jokowi at Monas, Thursday, October 5.

After watching the defense equipment display on the commemoration of the TNI's 78th Anniversary, Jokowi assessed that the quality of this national defense tool was quite complete. Although, there is still something that needs to be improved.

Hundreds of defense equipment on display in the activity included the deployment of 91 aircraft from land, sea and air dimensions that will cross the sky over the Monas area, as well as 140 land defense equipment exhibited at the 78th TNI Anniversary. Not only defense equipment, the TNI will also show off missiles imported from abroad.

"It was shown that it was very complete, yes. Even though it was only a small part, but it has shown more or less what our strength is like. Indeed, there is still a lot that we need to improve, we need to evaluate it, but in general I think it is good," said Jokowi.

In the commemoration of the TNI's anniversary this morning, Jokowi acted as the ceremony inspector. In reading his mandate, Jokowi views that the modernization of procurement by the TNI is very necessary in carrying out the state security strategy in the midst of heating up world geopoliticals.

However, Jokowi emphasized that the state budget (APBN) is very limited because it is also needed to finance programs and other policies.

"For defense equipment matters, the modernization of defense equipment is very necessary. However, state finances, our state budget is very limited and for the welfare needs of the people is very large," said Jokowi.

Therefore, Jokowi emphasized that defense equipment spending must be done wisely both in its way and its designation. The modernization of defense equipment, according to him, must be an important part of the development of domestic defense investment driven by the transfer of domestic product technology.

"Regarding this, I ask that the budget is owned, because it is difficult to collect it, it is difficult to get it and is money from the people, so as much as possible it must be spent and replayed for the people," explained Jokowi.

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