Case Of Alleged Blasphemy Of Celebrity Oklin Fia, MUI Ready To Be An Expert Witness
Celebrity Oklin Fia was reported on suspicion of blasphemy. (Instagram)

JAKARTA - The Head of Legal and Human Rights Division of the Executive Board of the Indonesian Muslim Student Union (PB SMMI) of the Arisastra Desert stated that the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) is ready to be an expert witness in the case of alleged blasphemy by the Oklin Fia program.

"Alhamdulillah, MUI is willing to be an expert witness. For pornography and a tight-clad headscarf, there has been a fatwa stating that it is haram. Meanwhile, Oklin Fia's blasphemy is still under MUI studies," said the Desert when confirmed by VOI, Sunday, August 20.

The Desert said it had conveyed to MUI the actions of the Oklin Fia celebrity through social media accounts. Later, MUI will become an expert witness in the case.

"This is important, as a consideration for investigators to add articles of suspicion to Oklin Fia," he said.

Previously, it was reported that the case of reporting on the Oklin Fia program was still ongoing at the Central Jakarta Metro Police Headquarters. The Executive Board of the Indonesian Muslim student union (PB SMMI) hopes that the police will also apply allegations of articles on blasphemy against religion and pornography against the Oklin Fia celebrity.

"We hope that the articles of blasphemy and pornography can be applied to the Oklin case. Because in the meantime, investigators have only received our report with articles of violating decency," said the Head of Legal and Human Rights Division of PB SEMMI, Arisastra Desert, when confirmed by VOI, Friday, August 18.

The Desert said that it had been investigated as a reporter on Wednesday, August 16.

"Then we got the information, after I was examined, then Oklin will be examined. But please ask the investigator," he said.

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