The Art Multiverse Event Returns to Bring Life to A3000 Kemang!
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JAKARTA - The A3000 Creative Compound in Kemang, South Jakarta, will once again host the Dark Room art installation exhibition in the form of virtual reality on Friday, June 30, 2023. This highly anticipated event offers art enthusiasts a captivating experience through interactive visual artworks that embody the concept of the Multiverse.

The concept revolves around multidimensional art forms, ranging from visual art mapping to virtual reality, complemented by collaborations with diverse electronic music performances. As in the previous edition, the A3000 Creative Compound will feature mesmerizing visual mapping and motion graphics.

Visitors attending the event will have the opportunity to immerse themselves in unforgettable experiences by exploring various virtual realms using VR technology and engaging with other interactive artworks on display. The entire experience will be felt simultaneously, making it truly unique.

Christian Wibisono, the Events & Community Manager from Tripo 3000, shed light on the upcoming Dark Room exhibition, stating, "Azeten's work will once again be showcased in this second edition of Dark Room. Visitors can expect a series of VR experiences that transport them to three different worlds crafted by Azeten."

Furthermore, this event will also serve as the closing ceremony for the previous Dark Room exhibition, held on May 5, 2023. To commemorate the occasion, internationally and nationally acclaimed DJs will grace the stage with electrifying music performances. Additionally, a merchandise release event, resulting from a collaboration between Tripo 3000, Paradise Youth Club, and Jameson Black Barrel, will take place.

Paradise Youth Club, a local clothing brand, has remained at the forefront of street fashion since the 90s. Their collection draws inspiration from a blend of surfing, skateboarding, music, and a laid-back lifestyle. With a goal of fostering a community that embraces a positive and productive lifestyle while enjoying life to the fullest, Paradise Youth Club perfectly aligns with Tripo 3000's mission of providing artists with a platform to express the twists and turns of their artistic journey.

Art enthusiasts can indulge in this exhibition from 8:00 PM to 3:00 AM at Ding Dong, Building A3000 Creative Compound Kemang on June 23, 2023. The event will be enlivened by the DJ lineup from Tripo 3000, including Kana & Mayo, Aditya Permana from Dekadenz, Xandega from Swanky Express, and Wijay from Paradise Youth Club.

An Electrifying Musical Experience

Allow us to introduce one of the DJs who will infuse energy into the Dark Room exhibition. Jakarta-based musician and DJ, Aditya Permana, has dedicated his adult life to pursuing his passion for analog drums and synths.

Aditya Permana, one of the founders of Dekadenz, has graced numerous nightclubs with his musical talent, culminating in the establishment of a record label that produces electric music for both national and international DJs.

Renowned for delivering captivating performances, Aditya Permana expertly blends post-punk, proto-house, and unconventional disco tracks in his own distinctive style. His music adds intensity to the overall atmosphere at the closing ceremony of the Dark Room exhibition, ensuring an exceptional experience for both the music and the audience.

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