Denying Russia's Statement Of Counterattacks, Ukrainian Military: That's Not True
Ukrainian military. (Source:

JAKARTA - Ukraine has not launched a planned counter-attack to retake Russian occupied territory, with the start going to be clear to everyone when that happens, a senior security official said on Wednesday.

Secretary of Ukraine's National Security and Defense Council Oleksify Danilov, rejected statements by Russian officials who said the retaliatory attacks had begun.

"This is not true. When all of this starts, it will be decided by our military," Danilov told Reuters in an interview.

"When we start the retaliatory attack, everyone will know it, they will see it," he continued.

Danilov further said Russian officials mistakenly thought Ukraine's local progress in several frontline areas was to start a larger operation.

Russian troops, which began a full-scale invasion in February 2022, are battling Ukrainian troops on most front lines.

Deputy Defense Minister Hanna Malar said on Wednesday Ukraine had advanced from 200 meters to 1,100 meters (220-1,200 yards) in several areas around the eastern city of Bakhmut which had been destroyed in the previous 24 hours.

Reuters was unable to independently verify the situation on the battlefield.

It is known, Kyiv hopes that the long-awaited retaliatory attacks will mark an important moment in the war, to regain most of Russia's occupied territory.

Danilov also said there was no doubt Russia caused the destruction of the Dnipro River Kakhovka dam in the southern region of Kherson on Tuesday, as the area had been occupied since the start of the Russian invasion.

Kyiv has said months ago the dam had been mined by Russian troops, and expects Moscow to blow up the dam to try to stop Ukrainian troops crossing Dnipro to attack Russian troops.

Meanwhile, Russia blamed Ukraine for the breach of the dam.

"They (Russia) have military components. That's the first (one), that's plan number one," he said.

"They believe that we will go in that direction. Their actions will not result in the consequences they want," he said.

Danilov added that Ukraine would now face pressure to agree to peace talks. He reiterated Ukraine's position, there would be no talk until Russian troops leave Ukrainian territory.

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