In The 2023 National Meeting, Golkar Reaffirms Airlangga Candidate 2024
Golkar National Health Rate 2023 In Jakarta (ANTARA)

JAKARTA - Deputy Chairperson of the Golkar Party Ahmad Doli Kurnia stated the national working meeting (Rapimnas) to reiterate, Airlangga Hartarto as the presidential candidate of the Golkar Party in the 2024 presidential election. "This national leadership meeting (Rapimnas) Golkar, where the presidential candidate is General Chair Airlangga Hartarto," he said at the Golkar DPP Office, quoted by ANTARA, Sunday, June 4. He explained that for the presidential election, the party has given a full mandate to the general chairman, to determine the strategy and steps as well as the right momentum, in determining the final decision towards the presidential election. He explained that the current National Working Meeting is carried out in the midst of the election stages, so his concentration is to strengthen the entire election winning agenda. "This National Working Meeting also wants to emphasize to the public that the Golkar party is very ready to face elections with all its instruments," he explained. He said, the first instrument is a network of party formal structures resulting from national deliberation, regional deliberation in each province, district and city, to village and sub-district levels. The second instrument is the legislative candidate (readalleg), where the selection process has been carried out since two years ago. "As many as many as 40,452 names we selected and about 20,200 we registered with the KPU on May 1-14, 2023," he said. The last instrument is the Golkar Party's national witness body, which has worked for two years and is currently conducting a consolidation process at each polling site (TPS).

"We formed 10 people at each polling station, of which two out of 10 will be witnesses at each polling station," he explained. The Golkar Party National Working Meeting was attended by 450 participants consisting of the Golkar Party DPP Management, members of the Golkar Party faction of the DPR RI non-Administrators of the Golkar Party DPP, Chairman of the Golkar Party DPP, General Chairperson of the Hasta Karya Ormas and Wing Organization, Chair, Secretary, Deputy Chair of the Cadre and Membership Organization, Deputy Chair of the Election Winning Division of the Provincial Golkar Party DPD throughout Indonesia and the Head of the National Witness Board of the Provincial Golkar Party throughout Indonesia.

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