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Kristen Gray (center)

JAKARTA - It is viral that a foreigner who lives in Bali, Kristen Gray, is increasingly becoming a topic of conversation even after he was deported yesterday. The Indonesian people have made the world aware that what Kristen Gray did was wrong. He has violated the immigration laws that apply in our country.

This problem started with a thread made by Kristen Gray on her twitter account @kristentootie. Even though it has been hidden or deleted, the captured image of the tweet has been saved by many people. That is why this case is not that easy to forget, it is even more widespread.

In the thread, Gray told how he decided to move to Bali to get peace for 6 months. However, his decision to stay in Bali continued for more than a year. He works as an online graphic designer without paying taxes at all. He also promotes his electronic books entitled "Our Bali Life is Yours". This book contains tips for living in Bali in luxury, tricks to get a visa to live in Bali even during the COVID-19 pandemic, avoiding health protocols established in Bali, and not paying taxes in Indonesia. The book is sold online for approximately 400 thousand rupiah.

Many netizens said that Gray and his girlfriend, Saundra, used the excuse of being "asylum seekers" to stay in Indonesia. However, if we look at them, they cannot be categorized as asylum seekers. They are said to have used the pretext of being dark-skinned and belonging to the LGBT group so that they needed a place to flee from their home country, namely the United States. In fact, the categories of asylum seekers and refugees are usually reserved for those who come from war countries or have experienced persecution in their home countries, not only with reasons to seek peace and find it difficult to get a job in their home country like what Gray conveyed in a thread.

There are many Christian Gray and Saundra issues that are in the spotlight, so that their terms do digital nomads and gentrification. Digital nomad is a person who comes from a digital job that relies on technology, while gentrification according to the KBBI is the immigration of the middle-class population to urban areas that are in poor condition or that have recently been renewed and modernized. This time, Siniar VOI will explore the Christian Gray case until his deportation. Hit the listen button and we'll tell the story for you.

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