US Congressional Commission Reveals The Crimes Of Humanity And Alleged Genocide Of Uighur Muslims In Xinjiang
Photo illustration of Uighur Muslims. (Source: Wikimedia Commons)

JAKARTA - The United States Congress suspects that China has committed genocide regarding its treatment of Uighur Muslims and other minorities in the western region of Xinjiang.

This is as stated in the report of the Congressional Executive Commission for China (CECC) Thursday local time. The CECC revealed that new evidence emerged in the past year regarding crimes against humanity and possible genocide in Xinjiang, and even harassing Uighurs in the United States.

Democrats co-chair of the CECC, Jim McGovern, said China's actions to destroy human rights in the last year were shocking and unprecedented. As such, the CECC is urging Congress and the upcoming Joe Biden Administration to hold Beijing accountable.

"The United States must continue to support the Chinese people in their cause and lead the world in a unified and coordinated response to the human rights abuses committed by the Chinese Government," he said.

China itself has come under fire from various parties for setting up a complex in Xinjiang, which it describes as a training center to combat dissidents, which outsiders call concentration camps.

The United Nations says at least 1 million Uighurs and other Muslims have been detained in Xinjiang. Religious leaders, activist groups and others say crimes against humanity, including genocide, are taking place there.

Beijing denies the allegations. The Chinese Embassy in Washington said the CECC was "obsessed with fabricating all kinds of lies to slander China".

"The so-called 'genocide' are rumors deliberately started by some anti-Chinese forces and pranks to discredit China," said the Chinese Embassy spokesman.

The United States has previously paid attention to the issue of Xinjiang in relation to the atrocities it alleged took place there. However, the domestic turmoil ahead of the inauguration of the winning president and vice president of the US Presidential Election, has made the focus directed at home.

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