Landslide Due To The Majene Earthquake Successfully Cleaned Up
The landslide of the Trans Sulawesi route in Onang Village, Tubo District, Majene Regency due to the earthquake has been successfully cleared. (M Faisal Hanapi / Antara)

JAKARTA - The landslide that occurred in the trans-sulawesi route, Onang Village, Tubo District, Majene Regency, West Sulawesi, due to a tectonic earthquake with a magnitude of 5.9 has been successfully cleared and vehicles can pass.

Reported by Antara, Friday, January 15, the earthquake with an epicenter of 5.9 magnitude was located at the coordinates of 2.99 South Latitude and 118.89 East Longitude, precisely on land, at a distance of 4 kilometers northwest of Majene Regency, occurred Thursday afternoon, around 14.45 WITA .

The earthquake at a depth of 10 kilometers caused a landslide that blocked the trans-Sulawesi route in the area of Onang Village, Tubo District, Majene Regency.

As a result, motorists cannot cross the trans Sulawesi route that connects Majene Regency with Mamuju City, the capital of West Sulawesi Province.

The government and the police and the community together cleared the landslide that blocked the road so that the road could be crossed again.

"Alhamdulillah, the road covered by landslides can be passed by vehicles, because the landslides have been cleared using heavy equipment and community assistance," said Muhiddin, a local resident.

Meanwhile, the Majene earthquake panicked the people of Majene who were on the coast and chose to move to the mountainous area.

"A number of houses belonging to residents in Malunda Subdistrict were damaged by the earthquake and some residents chose to evacuate to mountainous areas for fear of aftershocks and tsunami disasters," said Musriadi, a resident of Malunda District, Majene Regency.

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