The Roof Of The House Where The Chairperson Of The West Sulawesi DPRD Collapses, Shaken By The Majene Earthquake
Rujab roof of the Chairman of the West Sulawesi DPRD damaged by the Majene earthquake (ANTARA)

JAKARTA - Construction of the roof of the office house (rujab) Chairman of the West Sulawesi DPRD (Sulbar) Suraida Suhardi collapsed due to an earthquake measuring 5.9 magnitude in Majene Regency.

The roof construction of the head of the DPRD Sulbar which is located at Jalan Abd Malik Pattanan Endeng, Rangas Village, Simboro District, Mamuju Regency, collapsed and was scattered to the ground due to the earthquake that occurred at 14:45 WITA. A number of vehicles in the vicinity of the rujab building were crushed by the rubble of the roof frame that fell down. However, there were no fatalities in the incident because the building was empty and there were only two-wheeled vehicles. The earthquake whose epicenter was at coordinates 2.99 South Latitude and 118.89 East Longitude to be precise on land at a distance of 4 kilometers northwest of Majene Regency, at a depth of 10 km, also made residents in Mamuju City panic. A number of residents scattered out of the house because the shock of the earthquake lasted more than 15 seconds, it was so loud. citizens.

Some residents of Mamuju City, carrying four-wheeled and two-wheeled vehicles, flocked to the higher mountains for fear of a tsunami disaster.

Based on BMKG data, the earthquake in Majene was felt in Mamuju, Majene, Mamuju Utara and Mamuju Tengah, Toraja and Mamasa, Pinrang, Poso, Pare-pare and Wajo.

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