Today's Search For Sriwijaya Air SJ-182: 98 Bags Of Victim's Body Parts And 73 Pieces Of Aircraft
Fragments of the Sriwijaya Air SJ-182 aircraft collected at the main JICT2 command post in Tanjung Priok Jakarta (Diah Ayu / VOI)

JAKARTA - Head of Basarnas, Marshal Madya Bagus Puruhito, said the search for the joint SAR team on the sixth day went well with good weather.

"I report the results of today's joint SAR operation which has been carried out. Today's weather is quite good and SAR operations are running smoothly," said Bagus at the JICT II Integrated Command Post, Tanjung Priok, North Jakarta, Thursday, January 14.

Based on data recorded at 20.00 WIB, there were an additional 98 body bags containing parts of the victim's body. Meanwhile, small aircraft debris increased by 9, and large aircraft debris increased by 5.

Thus, the total findings of the SAR team until the sixth day were 239 body bags containing body parts. Then, as many as 73 aircraft materials, with details of 40 small bags containing aircraft debris and 33 large pieces of aircraft.

"Then, the black box FDR (flight data recorder) was also found on the previous Tuesday, January 12," said Bagus.

Meanwhile, in the search for tomorrow, SAR operations remain in the same area for the search for the evacuation of victims as priority and pieces of material from the plane.

Meanwhile, the search for a cockpit voice recorder (CVR) type black box that has not been found, the SAR team will reduce the search area. This is because, said Bagus, his party has mapped the possible areas where CVR is located.

"The process for the operation is still ongoing with a focus on evacuating victims, and of course still carrying out the search for CVR and particles or fuselage at the location," he said.

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