Khofifah Remembering Sheikh Ali Jaber Who Invited Residents To Give Donations For The Digital Al-Quran For Disabilities
Syekh Ali Jaber (DOK. ANTARA)

SURABAYA - The Governor of East Java Khofifah Indar Parawansa expressed his deep condolences for the death of the scholar Syekh Ali Jaber. Khofifah invited the public to pray for him.

"I am on behalf of the people of East Java as well as on behalf of my family. I would like to express my deepest condolences and condolences for the death of Sheikh Ali Jaber," said Khofifah in a written statement, Thursday, January 14.

To the families left behind, Khofifah prayed that they would always be given courage, patience, and sincerity.

"Let us all pray for the deceased, may Allah SWT put the best place beside Him, forgive all his mistakes, and open his grave," he said.

Khofifah recalled the figure of Syekh Ali Jaber as a charismatic, generous scholar who cared deeply for people with disabilities.

"When I became Minister of Social Affairs, the late came to Salemba several times, to discuss people with disabilities, especially access to the digital Koran for people with visual disabilities," he recalled.

In addition, continued Khofifah, Sheikh Ali Jaber was also endlessly trying to invite people to donate. The goal is to prepare a digital Al-Quran for the blind. "Until before the COVID-19 pandemic, he also traveled around East Java, providing enlightenment and intelligence that always brought coolness," said Khofifah.

Syekh Ali Jaber passed away at the Yarsi Cempaka Putih Hospital, Central Jakarta, at 08.30 WIB. Sheikh Ali Jaber was previously hospitalized due to being exposed to COVID-19. However, when he died, the deceased was declared to have a negative status for COVID-19.

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