DKI Prepares 21 Hospitals For Covid-19 Vaccine Side Effects Cases, Near Your Home?
Illustration (Photo: Irfan Meidianto / VOI)

JAKARTA - The Jakarta Provincial Government has prepared 21 referral hospitals to handle post-immunization follow-up events (AEFI) or side effects of COVID-19 vaccination in Jakarta.

Head of the DKI Health Service, Widyastuti, said that the preparation of these health facilities was carried out together with the Regional Committee for Assessment and Control (Komda PP).

"We have prepared a team to monitor the impact of post-vaccination at every administrative level. In addition, 21 KIPI referral hospitals for COVID-19 vaccination have been prepared if treatment is needed due to AEFI," Widyastuti told reporters, Thursday, January 14.

AEFI is a reaction in a person's body that occurs after receiving a vaccination injection. Symptoms vary. Mild local symptoms include pain, redness, and swelling in the area where the injection was given. Meanwhile, mild systemic symptoms can include fever, headache, weakness, or feeling unwell.

Meanwhile, severe AEFI symptoms can also occur but tend to be rare. This is generally caused by an immune system response such as an allergy to vaccines. Symptoms include decreased platelets, seizures, and hypotonia. However, severe AEFI symptoms can be completely cured without any long-term effects.

21 AEFI reference hospitals for the COVID-19 vaccine are spread across 5 administrative cities in DKI. In Central Jakarta, they are located in Tarakan Hospital, Cipto Mangunkusumo Regional Hospital, Gatot Subroto Regional Hospital, Johar Baru Hospital, and Kemayoran Regional Hospital.

In South Jakarta, they are RSUP Fatmawati, RSP Pertamina, RSUD Tebet, RSUD Mampang Prapatan, RSUD Jagakarsa, and RSUD Pesanggrahan. In West Jakarta, namely Tamansari Hospital and Kembangan Hospital.

In North Jakarta, namely Koja Hospital, Cilincing Hospital and Tanjung Priok Regional Hospital. In East Jakarta, namely Budi Asih Regional Hospital, Pasar Rebo Regional Hospital, Matraman Regional Hospital, Cipayung Regional Hospital, and Adhyaksa Hospital.

"We are currently in the process of making the Governor's Decree, the provincial KIPI PP Komda, and the Regional KIPI PP Study Working Group," said Widyastuti.

For information, the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government has started vaccinating against COVID-19 today. Vaccination is carried out for health workers who receive an SMS blast from the Central Government and have re-registered.

There are 488 health facilities (health facilities) in DKI Jakarta that have been registered by P-Care BPJS as implementing the COVID-19 immunization, according to the requirements that have been set.

These health facilities consist of RSUD, vertical / TNI / Plori hospitals, private hospitals, health centers, government or private clinics spread across 6 areas in DKI Jakarta.

The number of vaccinators currently available in five cities and regencies of DKI Jakarta Province is 1,500 vaccinators with a daily target of 19,741 vaccines. The government has also provided training for the COVID-19 Vaccine with a total of 2,325 participants.

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