SAR Bandung Records The Findings Of 24 Victims Who Died Due To Landslides In Sumedang
Evacuation of landslide victims in Sumedang by the joint SAR Team (Antara)

JAKARTA - The Bandung Search and Rescue Office (SAR) noted that 24 victims were found dead due to landslides in Cimanggung District, Sumedang Regency, West Java.

Head of the Bandung SAR Office, Deden Ridwansyah, said that since the search continued on Thursday, January 14 morning, 3 victims had been found dead.

That way, he said, there were still 16 people in the search for the joint SAR team.

"The total number of victims found today, up to 13.00 WIB, were three people. Then the victims were taken to the Sawah Dadap Community Health Center," he said.

The first finding of the victim on the sixth day of the search took place at 09.00 WIB. The victim is male named Yayat, aged 42.

At 12.35 WIB, a male victim named Syarip was found, aged 22 years, while at 12.51 WIB it was found that the male victim named M. Yusuf, was 13 years old.

Deden said the 3 dead victims were found in sector 1 of the search for the SAR team at the disaster site. Sector 1 is a volleyball court area covered by landslides.

"The number of personnel involved today is 668 consisting of Basarnas Bandung, BPBD, West Java Regional Police, TNI, PMI, and Sumedang Health Service," said Deden.

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