Police Called Birthday Event Attended By Raffi Ahmad Never Asked For Permission
Raffi Ahmad when vaccinated (Photo: Screenshot)

JAKARTA - The police confirmed that they had never issued a permit for the birthday party crowd which was held by Raffi Ahmad and caused a crowd. In fact, the home owner never asked permission to hold the event.

"There was never a permit, they also never asked for permission about the event," said Mampang Prapatan Police Chief, Kompol Sujarwo, to VOI, Thursday, January 14.

Sujarwo emphasized that if from the beginning the house owner asked for permission to organize the event, his party would certainly not allow it. This is because government regulations have firmly limited activities that have the potential to cause transmission.

"Even though he had the previous permit, we still won't allow it. Right now it's a pandemic, so all activities that cause crowds are not allowed," he said.

In fact, Sujarwo had time to compare the birthday with a wedding. Under the current rules, weddings are allowed but on condition that they don't invite many invited guests.

"There are already rules so it must be applied. Weddings cannot be crowds, there are rules," he said.

Previously it was reported that the police would coordinate with the Task Force regarding crowd management involving Raffi Ahmad. So far the police are still investigating the alleged violation of the health protocol.

"We are still investigating. We are still looking for information and later will coordinate with the COVID-19 Handling Task Force," said Sujarwo.

Police investigations are still in the process of searching for evidence and information. This is because CCTV cameras were not found in the house which was used as a birthday party.

"We are still gathering evidence because there is none there. The location is a house that has not yet been fully completed, so there is no CCTV," he said.

The crowd became known after a number of photos of Raffi Ahmad attending an event spread on social media for some time. In fact, Raffi's involvement in the crowd was after he got the chance for the first vaccination at the State Palace.

In the photo circulating, Raffi Ahmad and his wife, Nagita Slavina, took a photo without wearing a mask and keeping a distance from a number of people, including Gading Marten and Anya Geraldine. The birthday event was also known to be held in one of the houses located at Jalan Prapanca Dalam Number 3, Pela Mampang, Mampang Prapatan, South Jakarta.

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