50 Vehicles Outside The City Will Be Sent Home By The Cianjur Regency For Rejecting The Antigen Rapid Test
Joint officers from the Cianjur task force, West Java carrying out a justice operation at the border (Photo: Ahmad Fikri / Antara)

JAKARTA - The Covid-19 Task Force in Cianjur Regency, West Java (Jabar) has returned dozens of vehicles from outside the city that are about to enter Cianjur.

The reason is that they do not carry a COVID-19 antigen-free certificate. In fact, most refuse to be promptly tested for antigen at checkpoints.

The Regent of Cianjur, Herman Suherman, said that the total number of vehicles that were sent home until Thursday, January 14 was 50.

"During one hour at the Citarum checkpoint, we have repatriated more than 50 vehicles whose drivers and passengers did not equip themselves with a certificate of being free of Covid-19 antigen," Herman said, quoted by Antara, Thursday, January 14 evening.

Investigations of migrants to Cianjut have also been intensified since the last month. All newcomers and crossers in Cianjur Regency are required to bring a COVID-19 antigen-free certificate or take a paid test.

If they are stubborn, said Herman, they will be sent back to their hometown. The district government's move to reduce the spread of the virus, especially when Cianjur is currently surrounded by cities / districts with the status of the COVID-19 red zone.

The islands of Java and Bali are being implemented Restrictions on Community Activities (PPKM) which have an impact on increasing the number of immigrants to Cianju. So, the local government implements the New Plus Habit Adaptation (AKB +) so that the number of people with COVID-19 does not increase.

"We focus on the health of Cianjur residents, so that migrants from outside the city are required to bring a certificate. For residents who want to leave the city, we direct them to abandon their intention unless it is very urgent," he explained.

Meanwhile, the Head of Cianjur Police, AKBP Mochamad Rifai said that all ranks located on the border were involved in the justisi operation of implementing health protocols and checking certificates for motorists out of town.

The police returned entrants who were unable to show a Covid-19 antigen-free certificate.

"In accordance with the procedures and the announcement letter from the head of the National Police and the Governor of West Java, migrants who enter Cianjur are required to bring a COVID-19 antigen-free certificate or carry out a paid antigen rapid test, otherwise the risk is returned," he said.

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