Investigate Raffi Ahmad's Crowd, Police Compare Witness Information And Video Evidence
Raffi Ahmad when being injected with the COVID-19 vaccine (screenshot of the Presidential Secretariat Youtube)

JAKARTA - The police will compare the witness's testimony with video evidence regarding the number of guests at a birthday event that caused a crowd and involved Raffi Ahmad. The provisional examination results showed that the party was attended by only a dozen people.

"So far, based on the testimony of witnesses who we asked for information at the event, only 18 people were present," said Kapolsek Mampang Prapatan Kompol Sujarwo to VOI, Thursday, January 14.

The comparison between witness testimony and video evidence is because no correspondence has been found. Based on viral video recordings, the police thought the number of guests was more than what the witness said.

This is done to get the facts that actually happened. Then, the next legal steps will be determined.

"Later we will compare it (witness testimony with video evidence). Because the video looks busy. Later we will also count the number of people in the video," said Sujarwo.

In addition, from the results of the interim investigation, all invited guests had to undergo an antigen swab. But if referring to viral videos and photos, none of the invited guests wore masks during the event.

"That's why we check again. So far we are still investigating," he said.

The crowd became known after a number of photos of Raffi Ahmad attending an event spread on social media. Raffi's presence in the crowd after receiving the first vaccination opportunity at the State Palace.

In the photo circulating, Raffi Ahmad and his wife, Nagita Slavina, took a photo without wearing a mask and keeping a distance from a number of people, including Gading Marten and Anya Geraldine. The birthday event was also known to be held in one of the houses located at Jalan Prapanca Dalam Number 3, Pela Mampang, Mampang Prapatan, South Jakarta.

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