For Teachers And Students In Aceh Read This Before Learning Prayer
Teaching and learning illustration (Photo: Antara)

JAKARTA - The Aceh Education Office has asked all teachers and students in the area nicknamed Serambi Mekkah to apply recitation to reject reinforcements together before starting the teaching and learning process (PBM) face-to-face in class.

Head of the Aceh Education Office, Alhudri said the effort was carried out with the hope that the COVID-19 pandemic would end quickly. The appeal is addressed to all principals of SMA / SMK, SLB, SMP and SD throughout Aceh.

"Nobody has the right to end this pandemic except Allah SWT, that's why I invite school principals to implement this," Alhudri said in his statement in Banda Aceh City, reported by Antara, Thursday, January 14.

For Aceh, according to Alhudri, the joint prayer activity to reject reinforcements is not a difficult and taboo issue. He hopes that all teachers and students routinely carry out religious methods towards handling the COVID-19 outbreak.

"Let us turn to Allah, with the hope that thanks to the prayers of the students and teachers, that this tragedy will end soon," he explained.

In addition, Alhudri also taught all elements to continue to campaign for the implementation of the 3M Movement Socialization and Education Program (Uniform) during face-to-face learning for all schools in Tanah Rencong.

"All schools that carry out face-to-face learning must comply with health protocols and implement 3M, namely washing hands with soap, always maintaining distance, not crowding and disciplined wearing masks," he said.

Meanwhile, the Aceh Region Indonesian Teachers Association (IGI) supported prayer activities to reject reinforcements before starting the teaching and learning process in the classroom. According to IGI, with the majority of Acehnese Muslims, it is very natural that there are joint prayer activities, in addition to the discipline of implementing 3M.

"I think this is an invitation that is full of useful principles, as well as the syiar of Islam. Then we also ask the teachers to carry out the instructions for implementing 3M in schools," said Secretary of the IGI Aceh Region Fitriadi.

This is what makes Aceh different from other provinces, Aceh is thick with Islam, so the way we Muslims in every business must be preceded by prayer, he said.

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